WeQ Launches WeQ STUDIOS to Offer Global Games Publishing and Premium Player Acquisition

Published : Wednesday, May 29, 2019, 12:54 am
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WeQ today announced that it acquired boutique games development studio, Booster Studios, to provide exclusive access to gaming inventory. Uniting the talents of its acquired gaming studio with its mobile advertising expertise, WeQ’s strategic growth continues with the latest addition rebranded as WeQ STUDIOS.

WeQ STUDIOS publishes first and third-party hyper-casual games, providing services to mobile developers of all sizes for the chance to launch, market and grow their games at scale. WeQ STUDIOS is already working collaboratively with third-party developers to publish their games according to a fair shared revenue system. They also work with partners, enabling apps to gain visibility and achieve specific KPIs in key markets including US, Europe, Eastern Europe.

The mobile gaming market is expected to reach $106 billion by 2021 (Newzoo). In particular, casual and hyper-casual games have seen unprecedented growth over the past year and the market is valued to be in the region of $2 billion to $2.5 billion in annual revenue (IronSource). What sets WeQ STUDIOS apart in a saturated and fast-changing mobile gaming publishing market is offering a collaborative approach, transparency and premium player acquisition with performance-boosting and publishing solutions.

Markus Malti, Managing Director of WeQ, said: “WeQ STUDIOS leverages our market expertise in mobile advertising to offer premium player acquisition and industry knowledge, which enables our partners to get discovered while they focus on what they do best: create great mobile games. This combination of gaming talent and advertising expertise ensures our partners’ success.”

Behind WeQ STUDIOS is a world-class team of gaming professionals who are passionate about helping developers and advertisers publish and grow their mobile games. WeQ has entrusted Booster Studios’ gaming experts and furthermore, acquired new talent to join forces with WeQ’s mobile advertising capabilities. Frédéric Hatanian, who joins as Head of Gaming, has a background in game design and project management. Prior to joining WeQ he was at SoftGames, coming up with new ideas for games like Cookie Crush and Solitaire Story - Tripeaks on Facebook Instant Games, and bringing them to life through the entire development process. Alex Olmos Pardo, UA Manager of Mobile Gaming, has spent over five years at From the Bench Games where he worked with global brands including NBA, NFL, MLB, Real Madrid, Liverpool FC and AC Milan. He brings a wealth of experience in app store optimization (ASO) and user acquisition on channels such as Facebook, Google and Apple Search Ads.

Sven Lubek, Managing Director of WeQ, said: “As WeQ already delivers user acquisition beyond the walled gardens of Facebook and Google, this addition to the team enables WeQ STUDIOS to open up new advertising channels.”

With this new launch, WeQ is able to continue helping existing clients grow their apps with exclusive inventory, and also giving developers the chance to publish their mobile games and bring them to the app store. With this step WeQ adds more value to its offering, which benefits both clients and new partners alike.

Hatanian, Head of Gaming at WeQ STUDIOS, said: "By bringing our mobile gaming expertise and deep knowledge of casual gaming to WeQ, we can help developers of all types and sizes to publish, launch and market their games across key markets. WeQ STUDIOS is working with some of the most experienced developers in the industry to ensure best-in-class game development. We work with our partners transparently, with fairness and full respect for intellectual property. We understand that our success is determined by our partners’ success. We are always eager for new games to show at our door and are looking forward to seeing how our unique offering can help developers.”

Booster Studios has already released two hyper-casual games in the app stores: Helix Madness and Tower Raise. After joining WeQ STUDIOS, the team launched Cube Flip in early May and have another game Clear Out, due for launch in June. WeQ STUDIOS has ambitious plans. Since APAC continues to be a top tier market for WeQ’s mobile advertising activities, they also have their sights set on expanding into this region in the coming year.

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