Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital holds '2019 Endocrinology Seminar for Medial Practitioners'

Published : Monday, June 10, 2019, 3:14 pm
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The Division of Endocrinology(Manager Chul-sik Kim) at Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital(Director Kyung-ho Yu) will hold '2019 Endocrinology Seminar for Medial Practitioners' at 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM on June 19 at Hanmaeum Hall on the 4th floor of the main building.

The seminar will start with Prof. Chul-sik's opening remarks, and Prof. Sung-hee Ihm and Hyun-jae Shin, Director of Peyongchon Central Hospital, will take the top of the table.

The order of the seminar is as follows. ▲‘Recent Advances in Anti-Obesity Agents' by Prof. Jun-gu Kang ▲‘2019 Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes: What is New and Why?' by Prof. Chul-sik Kim ▲’Puzzling Cases in Thyroid Diseases' by Prof. Sung-jin Lee ▲‘Current and Upcoming Treatments for Osteoporosis and Appropriate Health Insurance' by Prof. Ha-young Kim at Wonkwang University School of Medicine

Then, following the question-and-answer session, Prof. Chul-sik will finalize the seminar with 'Endocrine physician's role and closing'.

Prof. Chul-sik said, "This seminar prepared a lecture that will help medical practitioners when actually performing medical treatments by focusing on the understanding and treatment of endocrine symptoms that are frequently encountered in primary care and requested to Advanced General Hospitals. It will be a venue for the exchange of various clinical experiences with the medial practitioners who are in charge of promoting community health."

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