Opening Ceremony of '2019 Chuncheon Mak-guksu&Dak-galbi Festival'

Published : Thursday, June 13, 2019, 4:05 pm
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'2019 Chuncheon Mak-guksu(Buckwheat Noodle)&Dak-galbi(Spicy Stir-fried Chicken) Festival' hosted by Chuncheon City was started from June 11th. The major officials including Chuncheon City governments, members, and parliament members attended to officially announce the opening at 7 PM.

At the opening ceremony, Hong-ja, Ji-won, Suk-haeng from the popular competition program 'Miss Trot', as well as the winner of the program, Song Ga-in, gave performances.

During the festival, a variety of programs such as orchestra, fireworks shows, and fan signing event and concerts of the actor Jung Jun-ho, who is working as a public ambassador for Chuncheon City, are held. At this time, nighttime performances will be closely monitored to reduce the inconvenience of residents around the festival grounds.

▲ The opening ceremony of '2019 Chuncheon Mak-guksu&Dak-galbi Festival', which was prepared with an organizing committee system and is rising as Chuncheon's best festival, was held at 7 PM on June 11th.

▲ Hite Jinro participated as a main sponsor, and the order of revealing the sponsorships was preceded at the beginning of the event.

▲ The officials including the mayor, city assembly president, national assembly members, and representatives from organizing committee attended the event to celebrate the successful opening.

▲ With the opening ceremony, the six-day festival began in earnest.

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