LOT and Colian Broaden Their Cooperation - New Sweet Snacks and Special Labelling of Three Aircraft

Published : Thursday, June 27, 2019, 4:47 pm
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Grześki wafers, Elizabeth Shaw mint chocolates, and Helena orange soda. These are just some of the new products that await passengers of LOT Polish Airlines due to the broadening of the cooperation between the Polish carrier and Colian, a Polish capital group. New snacks will be offered in addition to Śliwka Nałęczowska (dried candied plum in chocolate) and Cream Fudge by Solidarność, offered by LOT since 2015.

While striving to improve its offer, LOT Polish Airlines Product Office for several months has been involved in the process of selecting a supplier of sweet snacks. The winning Colian company has offered a wide selection of products that LOT now has on its offer.

LOT is one of the most renowned and appreciated Polish brands. Not only is it a source of pride, but also an obligation towards passengers to strive every day to improve the range of offered destinations and onboard products. We have been cooperating with Colian since 2015, when we introduced a special treat for business class in long-haul flights on board our modern 787 Dreamliner Boeing, which included, inter alia: Śliwka Nałęczowska and Cream Fudge by Solidarność that our passengers have enjoyed so much. We do value this cooperation. I am pleased that as a result of the settled tender, we are now able to expand this cooperation with a portfolio of new products – says Michał Fijoł, Member of the Management Board, Chief Commercial Officer at LOT Polish Airlines.

The following Colian products were delivered on board the Polish carrier: Śliwka Nałęczowska, Cream Fudge by Solidarność, Lily O’Brien’s chocolates, Mint Elizabeth Shaw chocolates, and Helena orange soda. In LOT's business lounges - "Polonez" and "Mazurek" at the Warsaw Fryderyk Chopin Airport, our passengers can enjoy Śliwka Nałęczowska and Cream Fudge by Solidarność, and soon the offer will be expanded with Grześki wafers and Mint Elizabeth Shaw chocolates.

Since 1 May this year, LOT passengers in economy class on international and domestic flights have been served a new sweet snack – Grześki wafers. Colian's product is one of the most sought-after and popular wafers in Poland. Its recipe is inspired by the best Polish confectionery traditions. Grześki have been gradually replacing the wafers currently offered on board.

- We find cooperation with LOT important both in terms of business and image. Colian is a well-established Polish capital group with a worldwide reach. We are happy to see that our tender offer proved to be the most attractive. This reinforces Colian's position as a reliable and competitive business partner. I firmly believe that the presence of Grześki wafers and Śliwka Nałęczowska on board the aircraft and in business zones at the Warsaw airport will enhance the passengers' flight experience. Cooperation with LOT literally gives wings to our brands! And we are very happy to see airplanes labelled with the image of our brands – says Jan Kolański, CEO, Colian sp. z o.o.

The introduction of new products on board the aircraft is just one of the aspects of LOT's cooperation with Colian. Soon, the hulls of three Embraer aircraft belonging to LOT Polish Airlines will be labelled with specially designed advertisements of the Colian's flagship products – Śliwka Nałęczowska and Grześki. Two of them will be labelled this year, the third one in 2020.

LOT Polish Airlines, celebrating its 90th anniversary this year, has been the ambassador of Poland all over the world since its establishment. The carrier's mission is to promote Poland as a welcoming, modern and interesting country. On board LOT aircraft, passengers can enjoy the popular Polish snacks and mineral water of the Polish brand; moreover, LOT Business Class passengers on long-haul flights can taste wine from a renowned Polish vineyard.

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