Asian Film Market Taps New Co-Directors

Published : Tuesday, July 23, 2019, 4:49 pm
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Fourteen years after its establishment in 2006, the Busan International Film Festival is proud to announce that the Asian Film Market will enter a new phase. With a co-chair structure, the Asian Film Market plans to solidify its foundation as Asia’s largest film and content market by extending boundaries and organizational management.

Tcha Sung Jai and Oh Dongjin, new co-directors of the Asian Film Market

Veteran film producer Tcha Sung Jai and a well-known film critic Oh Dongjin have been tapped as new directors for the Asian Film Market.
Tcha Sung Jai, new co-director of the Asian Film Market, was one of the most prominent industry bigwigs among second generation producers in Chungmuro. He took the lead in the Korean film industry in the 2000s by producing numerous hit films like Beat, Christmas in August, Memories of Murder, Spirit Of Jeet Keun Do, The Big Swindle, A Moment To Remember, The War Of Flower, and Fashion King.
Oh Dongjin has worked as a film critic for the Munhwa Ilbo, Yonhap News Agency, YTN and Film 2.0. as well as served as a member of the executive committee of the Busan International Film Festival, director of the Jecheon International Music & Film Festival, director of the Marie Claire Film Festival, deputy director of the Seoul Eco Film Festival and director of the Wildflower Film Awards Korea.

The Asian Film Market has formed a new committee with a new co-chair system. The two new directors and fourteen committee members (including producer Jonathan H. Kim and Korea Broadcasting Channel Promotion Association chairman Moon Munyeon Kim) are expected to create significant synergy in uplifting the operation of the market and providing diverse content.

Beyond film, the Asian Film Market expands its business into non-film content and TV series

With a newly reinforced organization, the Asian Film Market will meet new challenges and expand its current well-positioned film sector business into non-film content sectors. This approach can be interpreted as a first step into becoming an effective content market that includes both TV series and contents available through streaming platforms such as Netflix.
The Asian Film Market plans to establish its first ever Asia Contents Awards this year. Awards will be presented to recognize excellence in video content presented by Asian countries as well as to honor and encourage the most well-loved and influential contents of the year.
With the Asia Contents Awards, the market is expected to branch out as Asia’s largest film market with diverse video content distributed on TV and video platforms such as terrestrial, cable and OTT.

The Asian Film Market will take place from October 5 to 8 for 4 days in Exhibition Center 2, Bexco in Busan.

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