The world admires with inspiration : Kim Jin-sook CEO & Chairman of Karasadae Co., Ltd.

Published : Monday, August 26, 2019, 7:08 pm
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Speaking of two letters “hair loss,” usually leads to a middle-aged man who typically has a potbelly and looks older. Hair loss is often thought to be the most significant genetic factor. Of course, it's not 100% wrong. However, in addition to genetic predisposition, more and more adult men and women are worried about hair loss due to a strict diet, incorrect eating habits, smoking, and excessive stress. All these phenomena would mean that we are living in a world where hair loss is no longer a worry for men alone. Some say it is the era of 10 million baldness. We are facing direct or indirect hair loss-related products that are so incalculable today. All products promote efficacy and results, but the worrisome public is always worried about which product to choose. However, general hair loss products are challenging to expect effectiveness in a short time, such as a day or two. Most consumers have no choice but to rely on popular products or recommendations from people around them, and this method is the most significant part of the decision to purchase a product.

In my twenties and thirties, I, a reporter, was confident that I had a lot of hair, and I thought that hair loss was a story of others. But, now I’m in my mid-forties, I cannot say it anymore as I feel my hair is thinner and my forehead is wider. I became increasingly interested in hair loss products and purchased expensive products one by one that piled up in my house. In the meantime, as a reporter who met K1-CURE through word of mouth and met with Kim Jin-sook, CEO of Karasadae Co., Ltd., and also as a consumer who represents the heart of all middle-aged men who would like to protect their ‘one string of confidence,’ I listened to CEO Kim's 24-years of know-how and management philosophy.

■ Girl's Dream and the First Step

Kim Jin-sook was born in Bonghwa-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do as the third child of three sons and one daughter. Her family wasn't wealthy when she was a child, but she grew up with no discomfort. In order to continue her studies in a larger city, her family moved to Daegu when CEO Kim entered middle school, but a year later, the family’s financial circumstance turned down unexpectedly. But, even in such difficulties, rather than being frustrated, she thought, “I can still help someone." And she was more interested in volunteering work. Her decision led to rewarding activities such as visiting underprivileged areas such as orphanages and nursing homes to clean up, or to assist seniors in bathing. However, CEO Kim, who did not stop at a reward, was dreaming of a hairdresser at the time and thinking that she would like to combine volunteering activities and beauty work. Also, she felt sorry there was no barber and hairdresser for volunteering. This dream came true after she married in 1990. In the early nineties, She got a hairdresser's license and started working on beauty. CEO Kim Jin-sook, who was reminiscent of the time, laughed saying, “I became more interested in beauty by doing beauty volunteering rather than by serving clients as a hairdresser.”

She worked as a beauty volunteer and hairdresser. She registered her business in 1996 and opened a hair salon called 'Hairbank Karasadae' on Rodeo Street near Beomgye Station. CEO Kim, who became famous as a hairdresser afterward, has been a seminar lecturer for color, perm, and scalp clinic at home and abroad. As she lectured at seminars and cared for clients at her hair salon, she found that many worried about hair loss. CEO Kim, who had exposed to the grievances of customers, presented a product with customized preparations for the customers to easily care for the scalp. However, these products responded surprisingly well, and the number of customers increased, and as word of mouth grew, many consumers wanted to buy the product. Gradually, the demand surpassed the supply and reached a point where an individual cannot handle the order. CEO Kim made her mind, “What about launching a brand and producing a scalp care product?” As a result, “Karasadae Co., Ltd.” was born.

■ Step by Step, Slowly but Accurately

Word-of-mouth about customized products has gone beyond Korea to the ears of many Asian buyers. Eventually, in 2012, she established Karasdae Co., Ltd. for export, launched the K1-CURE brand and began supplying it to the domestic and Thailand, Malaysia, China, Philippines, and Vietnam.

Currently, the major products of Karasadae are mainly made up of professional products that match the concept of the trouble of scalp and hair, and hair loss care. In addition, Karasadae does not focus on advertising or promotion to reduce the burden on consumers. The company has drastically reduced the distribution stage by operating, demonstrating, and selling through various direct stores and franchises, mostly plastic surgery, dermatology, hair salons, spa, aesthetic shop and pharmacies.

Currently, the Karasadae care products are ‘K1-CURE Scalp Shampoo ‘and ‘K1-CURE Scalp Tonic Serum’ that passed KFDA (Korea Food and Drug Administration) in 2012 and are a functional cosmetic line mainly used in specialty shops. And, there are two types of cosmetics for the scalp: 'K1-CURE Scaling Toner' and ‘K1-CURE Scalp Gel’.

CEO Kim said, “K1-CURE Scalp Shampoo is a soft, delicate lotion-type shampoo foam that can cleanse waste materials without irritation, and help alleviate hair loss symptoms. K1-CURE Scalp Tonic Serum, which contains Karasadae N.T Complex ingredients that combine the unique technology of Karasadae, helps anti-aging care to the scalp and hair. ” and showed strong confidence. In addition to these Karasadae's products, there are four KARASADAE’s products (scaling toners, shampoos, gel packs, and tonic serums) that are targeting China for export and general household use. There is a Thai export-only product, ‘Mass H-1 Scalp Tonic Serum’. In particular, four of KARASADAE's products for export to China passed the CFDA (China Food and Drug Administration) in March and obtained a permit. Also, in November, at the Myeong-dong Lotte Hotel, the company signed a contract for rapid export with Vietnam.

■ With the heart of Joan of Arc

Indeed, Karasadae Co., Ltd. was ambitiously established in 2012, but it did not have sufficient enough capital or support except technology. At this time, the company could not adequately promote, and its financial pressures increased with an inventory. However, CEO Kim Jin-sook chose to make direct breakthroughs with domestic and foreign consumers. She participated in the Seoul Wig Hair Loss Prevention Exhibition and gave a strong impression by giving seminar lectures. The company attended the booths at various exhibitions and has been trying its best to meet even one more consumer. The numerous exhibitions include the Myanmar-Malaysia and China (Shanghai) Trade and Trade Promotion Agencies, 7th Korea Brand Daejeon, Health & Beauty Week, Imported goods and excellent goods exhibition, International Rotary Club Seoul, G-fair Korea Excellent Product Exhibition, Korea International Tourism Exhibition, Excellent Small and Medium Business Marketing Competition, and Seoul International Cosmo Beauty Industry Fair. Have anyone noticed these efforts of Karasadae? Several agencies have begun to respond. In 2013, the company promoted industry-university cooperation and joint development with Seoul National University of Science and Technology and completed technology transfer from Seoul National University of Science and Technology in 2014. At that time, the products of Karasadae entered three branches of some famous department stores. In 2015, the company was selected as one of the top 100 export frontier companies in Gyeonggi-do and obtained ISO9001/2008 quality management certification. Besides, it signed a contract to enter Chongqing Shopping Center, CITIC Group, China. In 2016, it was proudly selected for a China-focused certification support project, a customized Solomon support project for women companies, a Design Export Club project, and a 2016 new export support project.

As the products of Karasadae gained popularity both at home and abroad, requests for sponsors gathered at various beauty fairs, and the company participated as an official sponsor in multiple competitions. For example, for 2013 Environmental Marathon, 2014 Miss Intercontinental Beauty Contest, 2014 Miss First Beauty World Competition, 2017 Korea Arts Awards Ceremony, the 5th Hip Hop Korean Culture Awards Ceremony, the 37th Golden Film Festival, ALL FC Champion Battle MMA, the company was designated as an official sponsor or official supporter. In particular, it was designated as an official sponsor of the Osong Cosmetics Beauty Industry Expo for three consecutive years since 2016, and received a plaque of appreciation from Governor of Chungbuk, and received a citation from the Governor of Gyeonggi-do for recognition of participation in community service.

■ A woman in action is beautiful

CEO Kim Jin-sook, who has been interested in community service since her middle school years, still is practicing her desire to help society, even though she may be satisfied with living a comfortable life as a successful businessman. So, I want to introduce the 'New Women’s Club' which has a catchphrase, “Elegant women change the world.' CEO Kim Jin-sook has already passed a year since she took office as the second chairman after the founding Chairman Han Mi-ran and the first Chairman Jin Jin-ee The New Women's Club, launched in November 2015, often delivers where help is needed or hosts events to help underprivileged young people.

CEO Kim, who is known as the most passionate leader, said, “It aims to promote women's rights, revitalize the local economy, and participate in and spread the international social, civic volunteering. We ask for your attention and encouragement of love to be reborn as a women's organization that can practice the true volunteering of sound and bright thoughts with female leadership in Gunpo City.” Since the inauguration of CEO Kim Jin-sook, the New Women's Club and Karasadae Co., Ltd. have officially sponsored the national drama `Pumba-wingless Angel '' in June 2018, and organized ‘the 6th TeenTeen Carol Song Festival’ to help underprivileged young people in December ofthesame year, which was hosted by renowned comedian SonHyn-soo.

■ Conscience Returns to Trust

Hair loss-related products in Korea are perceived as expensive products compared to other beauty products. Thus, it is difficult for consumers to purchase without hesitation. Nevertheless, CEO Kim said firmly, “I have no intention of compromising with reality. The prices are indeed high. If we decide to sell more products, we can lower the unit price by adjusting the quality or amount of ingredients. But in the long run, those behaviors deteriorate the brand value of the Karasadae’s products in the minds of consumers.” When I listened to her and thought, there was no unique refill for the Karasadae’s products. Consumers have to buy the products in their containers every time. Launching a refill would eliminate the cost of the container, lower the unit price and increase sales. But she thought differently, and her answer was straightforward. “Unit prices may decrease, and sales may increase. But, when customers refill by themselves, there might be several side effects, such as air inflows or foreign substances introduced during storage or refilling, which could result in deterioration in quality. Of course, it could be a tiny probability. However, I think that the small probability could have a big impact on the image of the brand.” she said, adding that she would not give up her will. Overseas buyers and various network marketing companies have demanded that the unit price be lowered by reducing the amount of raw materials or replacing them with cheaper materials, but CEO Kim Jin-sook said she would not back down even if she could not sign a contract.

CEO Kim Jin-sook said, “It is true that Karasadae’s products are relatively expensive. However, with the pledge of 'keeping,' we can say that we are more confident about our products than any other brand. I will not forget the words “honesty” and “loyalty,” and I want to continuously give “trust” to all those who meet the Karasadae. ” adding that she will not forget her original intention.

■ Dreaming of K-Beauty

To summarize the recent trends of Karasadae, which has always run tirelessly, in March 2018, after several years of challenging the Chinese market, four brands of Karasadae passed the CFDA (China Food and Drug Administration) and received certificates. As a result, many MDs, including the Post Office and the China Railway, have given love calls to the company. In May, it participated in the Cosmo Beauty Fair at COEX, located in Samsung-dong, Seoul, and signed contracts with several buyers from all over the world. In June, all K1-CURE products were approved as a designated venture startup innovation product by the Public Procurement Service. In July, the company opened official accounts on the US Amazon and Qoo10, a global agency purchasing site. In August, Karasadae’s products were introduced at the Beauty Center in Happy Department Store in Mok-dong, and in the same month, it officially provided K1-CURE products at the general film seminar held at KPOP Hotel in Gapyeong. And CEO Kim Jin-sook was also appointed as a member of the national committee to commemorate the 600th anniversary of the King Sejong’s accession to the throne. In September, the company held a pop-up event at Lotte Department Store in Bundang. In October, CEO Kim was appointed as senior vice-president of the Asian Pacific Hair-dresser & Cosmetologist Association held at Harim-gak in Seoul. Also, in the same month, it achieved a triumph of entering the duty-free store at Shinsegae's main store in Seoul.

The company also held a pop-up event of ‘Korea Festa,’ a special event at Hyundai Department Store in Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do, and soon participated in the 2018 Osong Cosmetics Beauty Industry Expo as official sponsor.

In November, the company held a pop-up event at AK PLAZA in Suwon, participated in the 21st Asia-Pacific International Beauty Competition organized by Macau and Hong Kong. And she was invited as a speaker at the CIAM International Beauty Forum and awarded a plague of appreciation. She also introduced K1-CURE, a system brand that represents the trend of the scalping market and the direction of the scalp, hair loss and hair care market with the theme of ‘NOW IS TIME TO DO SCALP MAKE UP.’ In the same competition, she won the third prize in the Korean national team's CREATIVE EVENING IMAGE section and the first in the STATIC CREATIVE IMAGE section.

At the end of December, a pop-up store event was held at Hyundai Department Store Mok-dong, and the company was designated as the official sponsor at the 38th Golden Film Festival. Also, New Women's Club and Karasada Co., Ltd. organized the 6th 'Teen Teen Carol Song Festival’ to help underprivileged young people at the Uiwang City Hall in Gyeonggi-do.

In 2019, the company held the pop-up store event at the Hyundai Department Store in Pangyo and won the award in the ‘ Product Innovation Division of Korea Industry Awards’ sponsored by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy, Ministry of Education and Environment. Also, K1-CURE, the representative brand of Karasadae, was designated as '2019 Seoul Award Excellent Product' by the Seoul Development Agency. Due to this tight schedule, she was considered to be tired but participated in the “2019 Seoul International Sourcing Fair” held at COEX and held a special spring event at a department store in Mok-dong. In May, as in 2018, the company participated in the Cosmo Beauty Expo held in COEX, located in Samsung-dong, Seoul, and has been well received by many buyers and visitors from all over the world.

As such, CEO Kim Jin-sook, who had had a hectic time, said, “If everything goes as expected, we are expecting '$10 million export' by 2020, and we are receiving love calls from all countries. In the second half of 2019, we expect a remarkable increase in sales compared to the existing sales.”

Like this, there seem to be solid stepping stones in front of the Karasadae’s future movements, but CEO Kim says she will not be relieved. She said she liked the word ‘inspiration,' and she began her volunteering work to give ` inspiration’ to the underprivileged, and the beginning of Karasadae came from her heart to give ‘inspiration’ to her customers. It is said that the object of 'Impression' was only gradually expanded from volunteering activities to the domestic market and then to the global market.

Born in a small village in Bonghwa, Gyeongbuk Province, a young girl grew up while growing up in her dreams even though she faced a vast world and had difficulties.

As she continues to live a faithful life every day, she has passed the age of fifty years old and is a successful businesswoman who is known as the respected women of this age. Perhaps today's CEO Kim Jin-sook is faithfully keeping her original intention in the heart, sticking to the management philosophy of the service and loyalty that do not expect compensation, and maintaining the true beauty of a female businesswoman. I want to wrap up the short interview hoping that she will be filled with fresh fragrances of flowers for her future adventure.

■ About Karasadae Co., Ltd.

Karasadae, a professional scalp care manufacturer for hair loss, announced on July 9 that it has finally launched an ambitious line of basic cosmetics. After many years of research and development, it has completed all the primary lines and is a ‘GAHACOS Lab C. Luminous Solution’ containing a large amount of whitening patent material, ‘COS-VCE.’ Products containing these COS-VCE patented ingredients have the catchphrase 'Whitening Specialized Luminous Solution' and are waiting for the public’s love under the names of 'GAHACOS Lab C. Luminous Rejuvenating Serum' and 'GAHACOS Lab C. Luminous Moisturizing Cream.'

These products, already known as K1-CURE, are the brand researched and developed by applying know-how based on the accumulated know-how of Karasadae Co., Ltd. for 24 years and the experience of 17 years of customized cosmetic preparation and 13 years of aromatherapy customized preparation. If you use existing K1-CURE scalp products on your face, it may be a little stronger and have possibility of troubles occurence, but K1-CURE's efficacy and effect are excellent. Thus, industry insiders say that some consumers have used it as a substitute for skincare among users.

The company said that it started researching skincare products four years ago when it was difficult to ignore the continued request. In the process, the company began to develop products of 'vitamin C derivatives.' As a result based on the analysis of the efficacy and effects, including the patent for COS-VCE, which is used for the GAHACOS’s brand among vitamin C derivatives, it has been said that the product was not only best suited to the direction of the company's research and development and the atmosphere of the product to be made, but also to be a product with conviction that users can experience a quick effect in a short time. So, it is said that the company decided to make it the final product.

Along with this launch, an official said, “The first product, GAHACOS Lab C. Luminous Rejuvenating Serum, contains a high-content of COS-VCE (Ethyl Ascorbyl Ether), which helps restore healthy, transparent skin. It also extracts white rose petals, white wine, and loquat leaves with MSA aging method, which is natural and helps develop moist and elastic skin, and 14 special superfood ingredients nourish the skin. The second product, GAHACOS Lab C. Luminous Moisturizing Cream, extracts red rose petals, red wine, and loquat leaves with MSA aging method, which is natural and gives vitality to the skin and makes the skin healthy and especially banana extracts that contain high amounts of serotonin make the skin moist and elastic, giving it a bright and vibrant skin luster."

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