David Eddings and W3L-Br0 [weee-all-bare-ohhh] infiltrate PAX West Operation #Clapback

Published : Wednesday, August 28, 2019, 9:15 am
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Turboplay is firing up their marketing team (and everyone else along the way) with the addition of one of gaming’s most well known personalities; David Eddings. David joins Turboplay as the second member on its Board of Advisors -- which is fancy talk for “give us all your experience and advice, David.”

David is the voice-actor-genius behind the notoriously hilarious and universally loved Claptrap character in the Borderlands series, as well as Joey Drew from Bendy & the Ink Machine. You may have also heard of his work on other notable games such as Max Payne and Duke Nukem: Forever.

David also happens to be a serious operator in the gaming industry:
Former VP of Business Development at Gearbox know the rest of the story there. <wink emoji>
Former head of Game Publishing at Rooster Teeth

More than just a pretty face on a bald head with chuck kicks, his first order of business was to bring in longtime colleague Kristen Beane. Kristen is a humble savage. In her role as Marketing Director she’s ramping up for the launch of Turboplay and getting the marketing plan firing on all cylinders.

Turboplay has been low-key developing what it calls “the anti-marketplace marketplace", rewarding gamers for, get ready...gaming! Like a personal gaming assistant, Turboplay understands and knows what you like; putting know-it-all hipsters out of business by making it easy to find what you want. The tech is that cool. Now that David and Kristen have joined on, there’s literally no hope of keeping this quiet any longer.

David Eddings will be onsite at PAX West for Turboplay's debut, under lock and key. Once “Operation Clapback” is deployed, its radio silence until Closed-Beta in mid-September.

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