TalentMind launches human resource management system, TalentMind People

Published : Tuesday, September 10, 2019, 10:00 am
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Features include an employee database, time attendance and leave management

SINGAPORE, Sept. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- TalentMind, a human resource technology solutions provider and part of AnyMind Group, has today announced the launch of TalentMind People, a human resource management system that helps human resource professionals to digitally track and manage various employee data points including time attendance, leave management and an employee database.


TalentMind was first launched by AnyMind Group in January 2018, as a recruitment software that empowers human resource and recruitment professionals to screen, score, manage and track their recruitment pipeline. TalentMind features an AI-driven screening system that understands and scores a candidate's profile to role requirements, learns a company's hiring preferences, and an applicant tracking system to manage the entire recruitment process.

The addition of TalentMind People enables human resource professionals to digitally manage their human resource management processes, with these key features:

  • Time attendance - Employees have access to various options to view, track and manage their time attendance, including GPS, QR code and biometric.
  • Leave management - Through TalentMind People, employees can view, track and manage their leave applications and requests, and human resource professionals can have an overview of employee absence across the organization, through a single dashboard
  • Employee database - The TalentMind People platform equips human resource professionals with a single dashboard to easily manage employee data

Sho Kondo, Head of TalentMind, said: "With the addition of TalentMind People, HR can now leverage on TalentMind to build a more data-driven and efficient approach to recruitment, candidate management, and employee management. Together with upcoming features such as payroll and performance evaluation, we are looking to empower HR professionals in Asia with efficiency and synergy across hiring and employee management."

The TalentMind business is growing strongly in Thailand, with clients in Thailand like DHL, JAC Recruitment and Siam Makro leveraging on the TalentMind platform to boost their human resource efforts.

About AnyMind Group

Previously operating as AdAsia Holdings, AnyMind Group was formed in January 2018 and operates three business lines: AdAsia Holdings (advertising), TalentMind (human resource) and CastingAsia (influencer marketing). AnyMind Group aims to provide industries, businesses and professionals with a suite of solutions to enable greater growth. Headquartered in Singapore, AnyMind Group has over 500 staff from 20 nationalities, across 13 offices in 11 markets. To date, AnyMind Group has raised a total funding of US$35.9 million, from investors including (but not limited to) LINE, Mirai Creation Fund, VGI and JAFCO Asia.

About TalentMind

TalentMind was launched by AnyMind Group in January 2018. The TalentMind platform offers two broad functions - recruitment (automatic screening and scoring of a candidate based on role requirements and an ATS) and core human resource management system, equipping human resource professionals with a tool to make their activities more data-driven and efficient.

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