Community BIFF 2019 Programs Announced

Published : Friday, September 20, 2019, 3:28 pm
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The 24th Busan International Film Festival will hold Community BIFF 2019 from October 4th to 10th in the suburban area(old town area) of Jung-gu. Community BIFF is a spin-off film festival created by audiences and represents a special film festival inside the Busan International Film Festival. Last year’s outstanding achievements inspired Community BIFF to establish a wider range of events and plenty of programs.

REQUEST CINEMA is one of the core sections of the Community BIFF 2019 where the audience is given a chance to become a programmer, get involved in the film selection process and later watch the selection with a community that shares the same interests. Kim Eui-sung, co-director of the Community BIFF also will lead a program. Actors Jo Woo Jin, Jin Sun Kyu and Park Sung-woong will join the audience to rewatch well-received films Inside Men, THE OUTLAWS, and New World. Talking directly with the audience about behind-the-scenes stories will bring a personal touch the program and the above films in which they acted as villains, respectively.

REACTION CINEMA explores a new possibility of film appreciation with unrestrained and diverse responses free from the solemn atmosphere of the theater. ‘Sing-along’ will captivate moviegoers by sing-along screenings and rock theaters; ‘Happy-go-lucky Night’ is a unique program where adult audiences can enjoy midnight screenings in both outdoor and indoor cinema at the same time with food and beverages with cocktails and beer.

RESPECT CINEMA is a section targeting cinephiles, film students and industry professionals. An in-depth GV program titled ‘Legendary Cinephiles Strike Back’ will give audiences a chance to meet with three legendary cinephiles in person; Sung-il Jung, DJUNA and Kim Hong-Joon.

As part of celebration of the 100th anniversary of Korean cinema, a event titled ‘KIM Jimi Revival’ will be hosted in BIFF Square. It is a special occasion where one of the greatest Korean film stars and outstanding filmmaker Kim Jimi gives a talk about her representative works with the audiences.

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