Samsung BioLogics Wins Patent Invalidation Action Against Lonza

Published : Tuesday, October 1, 2019, 11:07 am
ACROFAN=Jae-Yong Ryu | | SNS
It is informed that Samsung BioLogics got its victory in an invalidation action against Lonza’s patent relating to a vector (carrier) for transferring a gene (DNA) developed for producing an antibody into a cell line, a critical first step in drug development.
Samsung BioLogics initially filed the invalidation action on July 3rd 2017 with the Intellectual Property Tribunal against Lonza’s patent (No.1302904) ‘Mammalian Expression Vector Comprising the MCMV Promoter and First Intron of HCMV Major Immediate Early Gene,’ upon discovering the patent poses an unfair obstacle to the cell line development field and to many biotech companies in the emerging market.
After 2 years of multiple submissions from both parties and a hearing, the Intellectual Property Tribunal concluded that “Lonza’s patent does not possess novelty as it resembles previous technologies, and does not show creativity as it can be easily created by ordinary technicians based on previous technologies.”
In this particular case, Samsung BioLogics took the initiative to file a patent invalidation action with the Intellectual Property Tribunal to relieve Korean bio companies from the patent, allowing more freedom in research and development and promoting further growth in the Korean and greater bio industry.

Samsung BioLogics entered the CDO business in 2017 and has quickly secured a track record in the sector by inventing, obtaining, and maintaining various technologies related to cell line development that it already possesses.
As of September 2019, Samsung BioLogics has signed 34 CDO contracts with clients such as Eutilex, GI Innovation, and ImmuneOncia.

This significant victory in the patent invalidation case further ensures Samsung BioLogics’ continuing mission and focus to extending its cell line development portfolio in the CDO sector and providing a truly ‘End-to-End’ CDMO services to its customers.

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