Google Campus Seoul ‘Google Global Expert Week’ Press Conference

Published : Monday, June 13, 2016, 11:08 am
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On the morning of June 13, Google Campus Seoul held ‘Google Global Expert Week’ press conference at Google Campus Seoul classroom, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

This event was prepared for introducing ‘Google Global Expert Week’ program which will be progressed until June 24. The program officials such as Cho Yun-min, Program Manager of Campus Seoul, Bridgette Beam, Senior Partnership and Program Manager of Google Entrepreneurs Support Team, Brett Goldstein, Analyst of Google Corporate Development Team, Eliana Murillo, Director of General Multicultural Marketing, Erin Mullen, Creative Specialist of gTech Ads, and Sunny Lo, Business Development Manager, attended the event.

Bridgette Beam said, “This program was prepared for helping Korean start-ups get more global chances through detailed consulting.” And “Through this program, which will be progressed over the next two weeks, I expect Korean start-up officials to obtain market know-how and expert knowledge needed for global expansion.”

▲ ‘Google Global Expert Week’ press conference is opened.

▲ Bridgette Beam commented on the meaning of this event.

▲ Cho Yun-min introduced about detailed programs of ‘Google Global Expert Week.’

According to the announcement, ‘Google Global Expert Week’ is a program prepared for providing real helps to domestic start-ups’ overseas expansion and global networking by Campus Seoul, which is a second year operation. In this program, Google staffs from various fields and throughout the world provide consulting to domestic start-ups.

Google’s global experts who visited Korea are composed of twelve Google staffs working in the US, Europe, Asia area and etc., and they are subject matter experts each in charge of marketing, partnership, management, UX/UI design, and etc. They stay in Seoul for two weeks and progress focused support program, mentoring, workshop, and lecture.

The most pivotal session in this program is a focused-support program for startups, ‘Google Global Expert Program.’ Two to three Google experts are assigned to each startup among twelve domestic startups selected through advance registrations. They are directly gone into the work of assigned startup, and they do practical business work in various fields such as global marketing, management, getting the user, UX/UI design, and global partnership. At the same time, a campus mentoring program where startups can have 1:1 mentoring and consulting from Google experts will be progressed.

Many other events are also prepared; ‘Campus Startup School’ where Google experts offer in-depth workshop for startups about business, Google products, UX/UI, and etc., ‘Campus School’ where Google experts offer lectures on user analysis, global expansion, investment attraction and exit. Anyone in startup community can participate these events by submitting an application through Onoffmix.

Apart from the programs progressed in Campus Seoul, Google global experts also participate external events that help the growth of domestic startup community. On June 20, they offer lectures on user analysis, UX, strategy of transfer to Chinese market, American venture capital and market current states at DCamp. On June 21, they are going to have mentoring sessions for startups that moved into LotteAccelerator.

▲ Tweleve Google experts visited Korea to offer consulting to domestic startups.

▲ ‘Google Global Exper Week’ is composed of four detailed programs.

▲ In-depth mentoring activities are progressed over two weeks.

▲ Apart from Campus Seoul programs, the external sessions are also prepared.

▲ Google experts had time to talk about how the program will be progressed.

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