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Published : Monday, July 18, 2016, 2:57 pm
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On July 18, at Grand InterContinental Hotel, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Cadillac held the media showcase before the beginning of flagship sedan CT6 sale on August. As flagship sedan CT6 of Cadillac aims at ‘the first class’ sedan, the performance, class, convenience and safety specifications are applied for large luxury sedans.

With about 100kg lighter and sturdy body than the competitive cars based on Omega architecture, Cadillac CT6 improved high performance and efficiency by eight-speed automatic transmission and 3.6L gasoline direct injection engine with maximum output 340-horsepower. At the same time, it is based on electronic four-wheel drive system, and it provides high driving performance by applying the components of ‘Active Chassis System‘ with Magnetic Ride Control and Active Rear Steering.

Adding to Cadillac’s distinctive dynamic body line, Cadillac CT6 shows its luxury existence with long, low proportion of car body, and the interior is decorated daringly but delicately by using various high quality materials. Moreover, as ‘the first class,’ many convenience specifications are applied; quad-zone independent control air conditioning system and Bose Panaray sound system composed of specially tuned 34 speakers. Besides, as well as 360 degrees surround vision system and night vision system, advanced safety specifications are applied.

▲ GM related officials attended the event which introduces Cadillac’s new flagship.

James Kim, President of GM Korea, introduced that, as the growth of luxury car is expected even during the last ten years of market growth of imported car, Cadillac will continuously strengthen that part of portfolio, and CT6 is a flagship model representing brand and technology. In addition, the number of dealer is greatly increased in Cadillac brand, three more showrooms will be opened at the second-half of the year and it aims for two times the growth of the last year through active marketing and promotion.

Uwe Ellinghaus, Cadillac CMO, emphasized that the current global automobile market is changing faster than the growth rate with the growth of luxury car segment. Also, he pointed out that the urgent problem of all the automobile companies should be reinforcing brand value and identity by leading the evolution. He stressed that Cadillac is the brand representing America’s daringness and optimism in 113-year history, and it has been leading various innovations. And, CT6 has an important meaning in both sales volume and brand.

Cadillac CT6 is developed to aim for the first class sedan, so its suited performance, dignity, convenience and safety specifications are applied. In addition, from ‘modern luxury,’ Cadillac is required not only comforts and luxury but also performance, so it is introduced that CT6 has the size and luxury of large sedans and dynamic of medium sized sedan. Meanwhile, as CT6 is the first model among ten new cars that Cadillac will show until 2020, it is the start of growth target to two times until 2020, and it is announced that Cadillac aims at three times growth in Korea until 2020.

▲ CT6 reinterpreted the identity of Cadillac at modern line.

▲ Competitive cars on the same level segment are Benz S-class, BMW 7 series, and etc.

Next, Jang Jae-jun, President of Cadillac division in GM Korea, progressed introduction about Cadillac CT6. Adding to the dynamic body line, the appearance of Cadillac CT6 expressed the existence of flagship sedan with long, low proportion. Grill and signature light with vertical type are displayed in new designs, and the signature light provides outstanding illuminance and lighting effect by applying LED multi-function headlamp with indirect lighting system. At the same time, the interior is finished with delicate details by applying daring and high quality materials.

BOSE Panaray Sound System tuned for CT6 deliveries the best quality sound to all the passengers through 34 speakers. At the front seat backrest, a flip-type 10-inch dual monitor is equipped so that the passengers at the back seat can independently enjoy watching movie and listening to music. Cadillac CUE system supports Apple CarPlay, and newly applied touchpad allows a passenger to access to various entertainments, communications, and connectivity through Cadillac CUE.

In convenience specifications, 20-direction power front seat is applied to the platinum specification, and power seat direction control, reclining, seat cushion tilting, massage, heating and cooling functions are applied to the rear seat. Air conditioning system is quad-zone independent controllable, so it can set up the interior temperatures that each passenger prefers by dividing the interior into four parts. Also, through air ionization system, it is possible to maintain the interior air clean by preventing dust and odor from flowing into the interior.

▲ The new model 3.6L V6 gasoline direct injection engine was counted as Ward’s Auto top 10 engine.

▲ The interior is luxury as a flagship, and considered the dynamic aspect.

Cadillac CT6 is based on Omega architecture, which is developed for large sedan models, so it could complete more than 100kg lighter and sturdy body frame than competitive cars by using aluminum at the wide range of area, total 64% of the body. Moreover, based on the all-in-one single frame Body Frame Integral (BFI) process, thirteen high-tension aluminum castings and total eleven composite materials are applied. In the main connections, new patent technologies such as aluminum spot welding and aluminum laser welding are used.

CT6’s new type 3.6L V6 gasoline direct injection engine was counted as Ward’s Auto’s ‘2016 top 10 best engines,’ and it delivers powerful performance of maximum output 340-horsepower and maximum torque 39.4kg·m through advanced electronic four-wheel drive system. The eight-speed hydramatic automatic transmission is applied as a transmission, it raised efficiency with auto stop-and-start function, and active fuel management system that only activates four cylinders among six cylinders during certain driving condition.

The component of active chassis system, magnetic ride control detects the road condition for every 1/1000 second, controls damping force of each wheel, and provides the optimal driving performance. Active rear steering steers the direction of the back wheel to the same or opposite direction of the front wheel, and of course, reduces turning radius about 1m in low speed driving to increase agility at cornering, so it allows a stable turning during driving.

▲ Like a flagship model, the back seats also have fancy functions.

CT6 combined high-tech optical system and IT technology, and strengthened safety and convenience. During night or bad weather driving, a night vision system distinguishes and senses a pedestrian or obstacles on the road by using thermal infrared camera. In addition, a rear camera mirror increases 300% of driver’s rear visibility, and displays the complete rear view that has no obstacles inside the car such as backseats through a full color display.

Besides, as well as 360 degrees surround vision system, many high-tech specifications, such as land departure warning, front collision alert, front pedestrian warning system, are applied. Also, they provide the optimal warning depending on the situation as sensed dangers interwork with large full color cluster, CUE infotainment system, head up display and electric haptic seat. On top of that, CT6 has not only automatic parking function but also front and rear automatic braking system, which detects the objects at the front and rear of the car during forward or reverse.

Adaptive cruise control uses forward radar technology of CT6 to maintain a certain distance according to the front car’s speed. In case of front collision alert system, the front camera and radar technology are applied so that they warn the driver when the risk of accident is imminent. Apart from them, safety specifications such as lane keep assist, which uses monitor system that detects lane boundary, and front pedestrian braking are applied.

The price of Cadillac CT6, which will go on sale on August, is 78.8 million won for premium model and 95.8 million won for platinum model (including VAT). Until July 23, display of CT6 and pre-registration will be progressed at the entrance of COEX Megabox, Samseong-dong, Seoul. Meanwhile, it is introduced that high-quality cosmetic sets and an engine oil changing coupon for ten years will be presented.

▲ CT6 is a model standing on quite symbolic position in Cadillac’s future global strategy.

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