CITROËN ‘C4 Cactus’ Domestic Launching Event

Published : Tuesday, August 23, 2016, 4:09 pm
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On August 23, Hanbul Motors Corp. held a launching event showing Citroën’s new urban SUV ‘C4 Cactus’ to the domestic market at Interwide Studio in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. Citroën C4 Cactus is a small SUV model that has unique attraction with practicality, economic feasibility, and differentiated characteristic.

Airbump of C4 Cactus is a point containing identity, and it provides not only unique styling but also body protection effect. C4 Cactus has the world’s first roof airbag technology, and this could result in large storage space of dashboard. Moreover, it has various attractions such as sofa seat which provides comfort and relaxation, simple button-type gearing system ‘Easy Push’, outstanding fuel efficiency, and etc. After the launch, with sales record of more than 150,000, it made various reward results.

By combination of ETG 6 transmission and BlueHDi engine of PSA group satisfying Euro 6, C4 Cactus shows outstanding fuel-efficiency of total 17.5km/ℓ with maximum 99 horsepower and 25.9kg•m torque. It has the size of 4.16m for the full length, 1.73m for the full width, and 1.53m for the height, and it features more enough space than its weight class through turning conception of the interior composition with an active lightening by using aluminum, ultra-high strength steel, lighter engine with the latest technology.

▲ Unique characteristic of Citroën C4 Cactus stands out.

▲ Unique airbump makes it possible to hand over vertiginous situation.

▲ There are various ideas for maximizing the interior space in the interior design.

▲ One of its advantages is the second-row legroom that is more spacious than the expectation of its weight class.

▲ It provides a serious ability at loading capacity, the standard of practicality.

Citroën’s C4 Cactus is counted as a model that well reflected brand philosophy of Citroën and well displayed unique ideas and emotions. Voluminous and flowing streamlined body line, the airbump which surrounds the body, slim LED daytime running light, and cheerful body color clearly show unique design identity. Airbump is made of smooth thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), and it has scratch proof in daily lives, external shock absorption, and external styling at the same time.

In aspect of interior, with introducing passenger seat’s roof airbag technology that moved the airbag originally positioned at the globe box to the roof, it shows the idea of providing 8.5L large storage box ‘Top Box’ by using the spare space at the dashboard as the storage space. In addition, front and back seats are the single sofa seats, and 4-layer UV protection is applied to the panoramic glass roof. Apart from it, leather strapped-shape door handle inspired by high-quality travelling trunk adds sophistication to the simple interior.

Although it is small size SUV, utilization of the interior space is high with various ideas. The full length of C4 Cactus is 4160mm, but it is introduced that it secured more than 10cm of additional spare space compared to cars with the same weight class by application of 2,595mm wheelbase and roof airbag. Moreover, when a bench folding-typed two row seat is folded, 358L trunk can be expanded up to maximum 1,170L, so it could provide enough load space for daily life.

▲ Highly economical PSA group’s BlueHDi engine in 1.6L class.

▲ ‘Easy Push’ system, appeared as maximization plan of space efficiency.

▲ Role allocation of dashboard and infotainment display is also a new look.

▲ The rear window, opened by tilting rather than up and down, lets us think again about its origin.

▲ When looking for ‘the best characteristic’ beyond convenience and economical, C4 Cactus would be a good choice.

C4 Cactus shows its power of maximum output 99 horsepower and maximum torque 25.9kg•m with fuel efficiency of 17.5km/ℓ(urban 16.1km/ℓ, highway 19.5km/ℓ) through combination of PSA group’s 1.6L class BlueHDi engine satisfying Euro 6 and ETG 6 transmission. Also, by lightning through lighter engine with high strength steel and the latest technology, exercise performance and economics are raised. Apart from this, selective catalytic reduction system (SCR) system that optimized packaging and stop&start system are selected and maximized environment friendly and economics.

Easy push system is a system consisted of D(drive), N(neutral), and R(reverse) button rather the the original gear lever. As it is positioned under the center fascia, it takes smaller space than the original gear box and it is simple and easy to use. Besides, for a driver’s safe and convenient drive, 7-inch touchscreen where various functions are integrated is equipped, so the passenger can easily control multimedia and other car set-ups. Moreover, the dashboard with a digital screen that clearly and simply shows the car’s major driving information is applied.

Magic wash is a convenient function that Citroën’s originality is stood out. Washer nozzle is equipped at the wiper blade rather than the bonnet section, so it improves a driver’s visibility on the road and it is outstanding at cost savings effect by using smaller amount of washer liquid compared to the original model. Besides, various expressions of the appearance is possible with the airbump, which is exchangeable with ten unique body color options. In Korea, it is available in three trim levels, Live, Feel, and Shine, and the selling prices are 24.9, 26.9, 28.9 million won respectively.

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