Ranplan joins O-RAN Alliance heralding a new era of cloud-based collaborative network design and optimization

Published : Saturday, October 19, 2019, 9:35 am
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Ranplan Wireless has announced its commitment to the O-RAN Alliance. Embracing O-RAN’s core principles of intelligence and openness, Ranplan will guide development of open interfaces and closely participate with global carriers in the promotion of the guiding principles of the O-RAN community.

With mobile operators preparing for the deployment of much more highly complex radio networks than previously thought conceivable, accurate network planning and optimization calls for a holistic approach, typified by close coordination of the indoor and the outdoor environment. Acutely aware of future requirements, Ranplan presented the world’s first heterogeneous wireless planning tool supporting 5G-NR in October 2018. This release sparked a wave of demand from operators across the globe, keen on smoothly transitioning into a new era of wireless services by leveraging Ranplan’s heterogenous design tools and workflow management platform, Collaboration Hub.

“By integrating our central components, encompassing databases and 3D ray-tracing engines, into the increasingly adaptive and intelligent network operating systems (aka as OSSs or SONs) of leading customers, Ranplan helps automate accurate re-planning of mobile networks after initial deployment. As a pioneer in this domain with unique capabilities to handle heterogeneous networks Ranplan has positioned itself for partnerships with mobile operators, equipment vendors and systems integrators that share our vision,” - Professor Jie Zhang, founder, Chief Scientific Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ranplan Group AB.

Ranplan is involved with a number of deployments, pioneering solutions for heterogenous planning and optimization of wireless networks integrated with customers’ operating support systems (OSS) enabling computer-aided automation after initial deployment of radio access nodes. A key conclusion shows traditional models of largely proprietary systems must give way to a format of open, secure, multi-party collaboration. Understanding the benefits of incorporating a heterogenous design management platform with an open architecture unleashes operational efficiency gains.

“Ranplan embraces the notion of an ecosystem characterized by open interfaces and interoperable components in a multi-vendor setting. The vision championed by the O-RAN community is perfectly aligned with our philosophy, roadmap and system architecture. Ranplan seeks to play a pivotal role in realizing the full potential of 5G, aiming at continuous optimization of radio resources, enabled by cloud-based automation.” - Per Lindberg, A/CEO, Member of the Board of Directors, Ranplan Group AB

Ranplan welcomes all parties to meet with its team at MWC19, OnGo Pavilion, West Hall #5002. October 22-24, Los Angeles, CA to discuss how its solutions can help enable the vision of O-RAN.

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