Kang Mi-Hwa CEO of CONSEL is advancing Korea into the global market through the collaboration of blockchain and fortune-telling

South Korea is currently going wild about her charm.
Published : Wednesday, November 27, 2019, 4:57 pm
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Regardless of times and places, the formula for success is summarized as one answer, a relationship of credit. Not only those closest to you, but also the many people you meet through your social life, if you treat them like your family and earn their trust, you will eventually attain the "Success" title. Here, there is a woman who Korea pays attention to as an icon of success and sharing, a young CEO with a management mind and a bold drive for the socially underprivileged.

Kang Mi-Hwa, head of CONSEL, is this woman. With passion and determination, Kang says she will continue to grasp the needs of those she has gained trust with and analyze the trends in order to maintain that trust. As evidenced by her commitment, CONSEL is steadfastly growing. In response to this, we met with Kang Mi-Hwa, a CEO who constantly admonishes herself to keep up with the founding intention of ​​being a “good company,” and shared a taste of Korean perseverance and affection as we listened to her on the secret of success and management philosophy.

(Hereinafter is the interview with Kang Mi-Hwa)

Q. Can you tell me about Kang Mi-Hwa, not as the CEO of CONSEL, but as a person?

I think I had a unique business mind since childhood. I liked trying new things and grew up with a feeling of confidence that comes from turning challenges into success. In my twenties, I started my social life and became interested in various fields, which I endeavored to become an expert. As a result, I was able to participate in various projects. Based on my experiences, I turned numerous projects into success by interacting with distinguished people from various countries. While building up know-hows during the last twenty years, my network of people has expanded to more than 30,000 from all levels of society and to some extent, I have become influential. It was during this time that I looked around again. I thought that sharing should follow after success, and I wanted to give support to those in need. Perhaps I have been silently running all this time to create a way to share hope with them. Studying fortune-telling in my twenties gave me the opportunity to meet extraordinary people from various fields, and by communicating with them, I was able to learn from them and carry on precious relationships.

Q. What are some of the sharing events that you had in the past and some that you plan to have in the future?

Donation, devotion, service, and love are the main themes of CONSEL. The greatest variable in carrying out a service project is everyone's participation. That is why success depends on how interested and involved the people are with projects. CONSEL intends to proceed with all of its activities transparently to build trust. In addition, we will endeavor to spread the donation culture to share genuine love with those in need around the world, starting with domestic donation events first.

Q. I am curious about your service philosophy.

Anyone can keep the word “service” in mind, but it is not easy to put it into practice. Most people, if they have time and money to spare, they will serve and help those in need. But in reality, this is not easy if you have a job or a career. So, I think that we need to create a practical culture of service so that the caring hearts of many people can be delivered as long as they wish to. For example, there are many different donation cultures around us. The problem is that some organizations don't spend all of their donations on people because they have to use donated funds for company operations. I understand that this is needed but it should be minimal so that more people can be helped. As a pioneer of the 4th Industrial Revolution, we plan to use unique blockchain technology to make a transparent donation culture. When people hear the name CONSEL, I want them to picture a trustworthy and reliable company that engages in real sharing and volunteer service. And as for my philosophy about serving others, I think I should never be content with what I am doing at the moment, but rather always look for improvement.

Q. I will cheer for you. Now, I would like to ask Kang Mi-Hwa as CEO. What is the beginning and background of CONSEL?

CONSEL Inc. is specialized in integrated business such as distribution, blockchain, software development, program development and incubating. In 2015, building on our prior experience and know-how, we started a blockchain and cryptocurrency business under the name of LACENT so that we could grow into a more specialized integrated business with the best experts in the industry. We renamed the company to CONSEL in 2019. At the time, Korea was lacking in information related to blockchain and cryptocurrency. However, we were able to keep up with the trend of the times faster than anyone else and CONSEL has been able to grow into a global business, even opening up an international cryptocurrency exchange.

Q. What is CONSEL’s key business plan?

In Korea, the Bitcoin craze blew in 2017, and millions of people became aware of the existence of cryptocurrency, and related businesses sprang up. Most of them jumped into the cryptocurrency market aiming to become rich, but many didn't have the needed information and market flow, so many people lost their money and many startups gave up their business. We at CONSEL are doing our best to help people and businesses by incubating blockchain startups, cryptocurrency-related software development, and program development by providing professional consulting related to blockchain and cryptocurrency. In addition, we have developed 'CONSEL', a blockchain-based matchmaking platform, and are about to launch it. We had a business launching presentation in the '2019 SEOUL conference' in October.

Q. Please explain the CONSEL platform.

People for ages have shown interest in fortune-telling and luck. Records from ancient Korean books show that as early as 600 years ago people based their marriage on fortune-telling. The words ‘daily fortune’ is registered about once a week in a real-time search query on the online portal sites. In the past, there was so much interest in fortune and fortune-telling that it was said that newspapers were purchased to see fortunes. As a result, numerous fortune and fortune-telling sites have appeared overnight, but most sites only provide general comprehensive results based on stored solutions. In addition, since the profiles of the fortune-tellers were not clear, reputation issues arose with reliability concerns. Nowadays, not only are Korean people showing interest in fortune-telling as a field of study but are also spending money for fortune-telling sessions, supporting a 4 trillion won per year market.
The CONSEL compatibility matching platform is a project overseen by me, acting as the President of the International Society for Fortune-telling. Our group consists of vice-chairman of the Korean Association of Fortune-tellers and Presidents of the Association of Fortune-tellers from around the world, including China, Singapore, Taiwan, and Malaysia. Korea Association of Fortune-tellers, the only recognized association in Korea, is the nation's largest association of skilled practitioners with 300,000 certified teachers of fortune-telling. Among the 300,000 teachers of the Korean Association of Fortune-tellers, we select the teachers with the best skills and proceed with fortune counseling within the CONSEL platform to provide accurate results and reliable fortune-telling platform services.

Q. What are the main services of the CONSEL platform?

It is a compatibility and matching service that is closely related to fortune-telling. In the past, before smartphones, people met the opposite sex through the introduction of an acquaintance or a match-maker. However, now with smartphones, a market for match-making through dating apps has sprung up and it exceeds more than 6 trillion won. CONSEL platform provides the consultation and matching service to find the best match based on the results of the horoscope, fortune-telling, and physiognomy. Also, since only the members that are verified during the signup process can access the CONSEL platform’s compatibility and matching service, finding a secure and reliable match is possible.

As an additional feature, if a user wants to consult on physiognomy during a fortune-telling session, counseling can be conducted through video conferencing with the user’s exact profile. Counseling is possible with the photo image registered in the profile, but the advantage of a real-time video call is that the user can check the contents and results that can not be confirmed in the photo image with a certified teacher.

Q. The combination of blockchain cryptocurrency development company and fortune-telling is new. What is the point of contact between the two fields?

‘CONSEL Compatibility Matching Platform' (hereinafter referred to as 'CONSEL') provides decentralized service using blockchain technology and proceeds with the CONSEL Token Reward service from the completion of membership registration to benefit all platform users. In the case of customers, rewards proceed according to subscription, attendance, reviews, and purchases, and in the case of service providers, rewards are carried out based on customer attraction and review scores. Rewards service will play a big role in informing the CONSEL platform service with more and more customers' interests and new members. In addition, it will deliver reliable results through direct talks with the registered fortune-tellers of the Korean Association of Fortune-tellers. Unlike other platforms, CONSEL is a platform service that anyone can use conveniently and safely. No matter how much technology is developed, and many new technologies are being developed every day, but no matter how good the technology can be, it can be a meaningless project if there is no actual use or the interest and participation of the general customers who use it directly in the market. The CONSEL platform is not a project to open a new market, but a platform service that adds upgraded technology to markets that have been around for thousands of years. Starting from Korea, China and Singapore, we are planning to enter several other countries, and are doing our best to make CONSEL a project that many people will be interested in.

Q. What is the main goal that CONSEL is aiming to achieve and in which regions will it serve?

We want to become the leader of integrated business consulting and platform in the world by conducting international business in countries such as China, Singapore, Korea, etc. and by working with companies composed of blockchain industry experts with amazing technology.

Q. What are the goals CONSEL intends to achieve through corporate management?

Modern society, where rapid development is realized all over the world, can develop new technologies by taking a step forward with faster information and technology. At CONSEL, we want to grow together with the people who need our services based on integrated business technology and accumulated know-how of experts in the industry. We strive to become the best partner and the best company in the industry.

Q. I know that CONSEL is a company that values ​​communication. How do you communicate with your employees?

When we hear the word communication, employees always come first. It is not always easy to work in a space with people who have different inclinations or styles and grew up in different environments. To break down the invisible walls between the employees and CEO, we often spend time once a week holding parties with all the employees. We also usually have free discussions and sessions listening to each other's congratulations, concerns, suggestions, and so on. We do our best to be sincere, understanding and empathize with each other. We try to create a community where laughter is always present.

Q. What is Kang Mi-Hwa’s management philosophy?

Clearly, the world is big and wide. But I'm always taking on new challenges so that I can succeed in the bigger world. I vow every morning not to settle for right now, but always try to improve. Perhaps this is why I constantly think of becoming prosperous, not just by myself but with everyone around me. I want to make a world where everyone is happy. If you teach people how to catch fish rather than feed them, they will have the ability to adapt quickly when they encounter new challenges. In fact, many who have been with me until now have made their own wealth and are trying to create their own environment where they can live well with the people around them. This is what drives my pledge to be a sharer of happiness, and forces me to put my thoughts into action. I will continually do my best to share happiness with more people with CONSEL and its management philosophy so that people can prosper together.

Although she is a successful CEO, Kang Mi-Hwa has always put others before herself, showing humility and emphasizing “service in action.” She is genuinely carrying out transparent activities to promote transparent business and realize the advanced welfare of sharing.

“I want to live a life, aiming to make a caring and happy world where people can live well together by sharing. I will do my best to grow CONSEL into a company that spreads love and hope to those who need help.”

Her truly heartfelt determination undoubtedly radiates goodness in today’s busy world and forecasts a bright and warm future.

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