Skywalk, Suspension Bridge, and Even Gatbawi Rock! All-In-One Tourist Attraction ‘Mount Deunggi Skywalk’

Published : Thursday, January 2, 2020, 9:56 pm
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As you travel all over Korea, you can see the sights that reveal Korea’s “hurry, hurry” culture. In Korea, the “All-In-One” style, which means that everything is done in one place, is popular. If you visit Gyeongsangbuk-do, we recommend the ‘Mount Deunggi Skywalk’ located near Hupo Port, Uljin-gun.

Skywalk, built in the park of the mount Deunggi, is nationally famous with its 135-meter walking path on the East Sea. In particular, the 57-meter section is built with glass, so you can actually feel like you're walking on water. The most important part is the operation time, as its closing time varies depending on the season from 9 am. It closes at 5:30 pm in March-May and September-October, at 6:30 pm in June-August, and at 5:00 pm in November-February.

There is ‘Hupo Gatbawi Rock’ right under the Skywalk. It's so popular that there is a stairway going down from the Skywalk, and there is a folktale that Gatbawi Rock grants one wish in a life among local residents. Therefore, it is a place where laughter blooms with various wish origins from getting a child to winning the lottery.

On the way from the Skywalk to the park of the Mount Deunggi, there is a Suspension Bridge. It’s so short that people might think it won’t shake much, but if you go up, its shaking is considerable. For this reason, the screams of people who are afraid to shake are sometimes heard. Still, the railing is high, so if there is no excessive joke, there is no problem.

▲ Mount Deunggi Skywalk is good for taking a walk after using the Hupo Port passenger terminal or nearby restaurants.

▲ Because it is built on the glass floor based on the height of which people could be afraid, the excitement is considerable even in the short section.

▲ You can enjoy it for free during the operation time, so it is full of visitors on a sunny day.

▲ If you look at the bottom of the glass, you can see the bottom of the blue sea of the East Sea.

▲ At the end of the Skywalk, you will find sculptures that are mermaids, which is a photo zone.

▲ Hupo Gatbawi Rock is a famous spot for people who come to make a wish. It leads directly to the stairs from Skywalk.

▲ Suspension Bridge is located on the way from Skywalk to the park of the Mount Deunggi. Even if it looks short, the shaking is considerable.

▲ There are sculptures where visitors can take commemorative photos throughout the park of the Mount Deunggi.

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