Uljin Seongryu Cave in Gyeongsangbuk-do, The First Korean Peninsula Cave to Be Found and Recorded in History

Published : Friday, January 3, 2020, 1:53 pm
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‘Uljin Seongryu Cave’, famous for the first Korean peninsula cave to be found and recorded in history, was opened on May 7, 1963, when it was designated as Korea's Natural Monument No. 155. The first history book that appeared here is ‘Samguk Yusa(The Heritage of the Three States)’, written by the Buddhist monk Il-yeon at Ingak Temple in the seventh year of King Chungnyeol (1281).

In Samguk Yusa, Seongryu Cave, which appeared as Jangcheon Cave, was revealed in history as a place where the Silla Bocheon Prince was able to settle the public sentiment. At the end of Goryeo(918-1392), it was recorded as a nearby attraction, referring to the Buddhist temple of Seongryu Temple in ‘Gwandongyugi’, which was written by the great scholar Lee Gok. It is also a place with a sad legend. There is a record that, at the time of Japanese Invasion of Korea, the soldiers blocked the entrance and massacred about 500 refugees.

Seongryu Cave is a limestone cave in a straight form. The total length is about 870 meters, of which 270 meters are open to visitors. Large stalactites, stalagmites, and flowstones can be seen, and the viewing points by the lakes in the caves are impressive. There are photo zones named in a similar fashion everywhere, attracting visitors.

Since 1976, Gyeongsangbuk-do Uljin-gun has been managing Seongryu Cave. Tickets can be purchased by individuals or groups, and it is necessary to wear a safety helmet. And while having a look around, visitors are recommended to read the main signs and instructions, such as safety notices, which are placed inside the caves.

▲ Panoramic view of passageway leading to Seongryu Cave

▲ The entrance of Seongryu Cave. Visitors must wear a safety helmet.

▲ Passing through the narrow entrance, you will encounter a huge space.

▲ There are several places where lighting is ideal for taking commemorative photos.

▲ Information signs are placed at the notable sites to watch.

▲ There are facilities such as staircases and safety facilities, but visitors should always be careful of the safety while touring.

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