Samsung BioLogics Is Assigned to Grand Ballroom at ‘J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference’ for Two Consecutive Years

Published : Monday, January 13, 2020, 5:41 pm
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- Samsung BioLogics is assigned to the largest main venue, and this is the second consecutive year since the Korean company got the venue for the first time last year.

- Samsung BioLogics will announce its business results after establishment and present its 2020 goals and mid- to long-term vision.

Samsung BioLogics (CEO: Kim Tae-han) will participate in the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, the world's largest global investment event, held in San Francisco, USA on the 13th.

Samsung BioLogics was the first Korean company to receive the “Main Track” in 2017. Also, since last year, it has been assigned the Grand Ballroom for the first time in Korea, and has attracted the attention of global investors.

The Grand Ballroom is a large 800-seat presentation venue and is known to be assigned to only major global pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, Roche and Johnson&Johnson. Samsung BioLogics was assigned to the Grand Ballroom for two consecutive years, and has been recognized for its solid position in the global market and high status among major investors.

Samsung BioLogics will present its achievements, 2020 goals, and mid- to long-term vision under the theme of 'Innovation and Growth of Samsung in Biologics Industry' through a presentation on the 15th(Wed) afternoon. CEO Kim Tae-han and Vice President John Rim will give the presentation.

Meanwhile, J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, which marks its 38th anniversary this year, is the largest investment event in healthcare sector, in which 500 bio and pharmaceutical companies around the world, invited by global investment bank J.P. Morgan in January every year, gather in San Francisco, USA, to announce major business results and vision. During the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, meetings for business partnerships are actively held and the latest trends in the industry can be seen at a glance, drawing attention from industry workers and investors around the world.

Samsung BioLogics President Kim Tae-han is presenting at 2019 J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference (Photo Credit: Samsung BioLogics)

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