All New SNOWPLUS Pro and SNOWPLUS Lite Hit Global Markets, Enriching Product Line

Published : Tuesday, January 21, 2020, 10:00 pm
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The two latest offerings from SNOWPLUS provide even more diversified options to users worldwide

BEIJING, Jan. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- SNOWPLUS has announced the launch of two all-new products today - SNOWPLUS Pro and SNOWPLUS Lite - enhancing the China-based vape leader's product line with even more solid options for users worldwide. SNOWPLUS Pro is a deluxe, feature-rich pod system, while SNOWPLUS Lite is a power-packed, minimalist device.

SNOWPLUS Pro: Vaping, Evolved

Integrating an array of revolutionary new technologies, SNOWPLUS Pro provides users a premium vapor experience.

SNOWPLUS Pro leverages technologies at the vanguard of the vape industry to bring customers an unparalleled experience
SNOWPLUS Pro leverages technologies at the vanguard of the vape industry to bring customers an unparalleled experience

SNOWPLUS Pro is forged from high-strength zinc alloy and finished with a moisture- and dust-resistant IPX5 coating for a distinctive, silky texture that easily stands up to everyday wear-and-tear like scratching, oil and corrosion. Increased durability does not sacrifice the sophisticated SNOWPLUS design language, however, which is perfectly complemented by eight gorgeous color options including Classic Black, Pearl White, Space Grey, Mineral Blue, Midnight Green, Rose Gold, Red and Neon.

To help ease the transition to better smoking alternatives, SNOWPLUS Pro responsibly leverages compassionate design to simulate 95% of the sensation adult smokers are used to. The device provides 1.2Omega resistance for a more satisfying draw, while TrueFeel honeycomb ceramic atomization affords unrivalled smooth inhalation. At the same time, AeroFlow air intake technology mimics the throat-feel of traditional cigarettes.

SNOWPLUS Pro also integrates an Intelligent Management package to enrich user experience. Smart monitoring and regulation of voltage output ensures a steadily increasing vapor volume per draw. Meanwhile, with Automatic Pod Installation, the device vibrates upon pod insertion and enters Sleep Mode when the pod is removed.

Powering SNOWPLUS Pro is a 450mah lithium battery that can be charged in as little as 18 minutes with a USB Type-C 5V-2A charger for a whole day of use. The device equips a multicolor light indicator capable of seamlessly phasing between six colors. Double tapping the device will display battery life, with a green light indicating a charge of over 10% and a yellow light below 10%. When the battery is low, the device will vibrate, reminding users to recharge.

SNOWPLUS Pro is the culmination of steadfast research and development, incorporating cutting-edge vaporizer technology to set a new industry standard and provide users an unparalleled vaping experience.

SNOWPLUS Lite: Less is More

SNOWPLUS Lite fuses industry-leading technology with a minimalist aesthetic and intuitive use, offering users a discreet alternative to combustible cigarettes.

SNOWPLUS Lite's minimalist aesthetic is accentuated by the vibrant color options
SNOWPLUS Lite's minimalist aesthetic is accentuated by the vibrant color options

The body of the device is made from high-strength, lightweight aluminum alloy that utilizes anodic oxidation coating for a super-durable build. Devices come in six colors including Classic Black, Misty Grey, Sakura Pink, Ocean Blue, Purple and Green.

SNOWPLUS Lite delivers an impressive experience in a compact design by employing core TrueFeel honeycomb ceramic atomization and AeroFlow air intake technologies, putting it on par with devices at similar or even higher price points.

SNOWPLUS Lite is powered by a 400mah lithium battery with enough energy for a full day's use on a single charge. A battery light indicator turns on during inhalation when the SNOWPLUS Lite device has over a 10% charge, and flashes when power drops below 10%, reminding users to recharge. The light indicator also illuminates when charging and turns off after the device has fully charged.

Committed to Responsible Development

Both SNOWPLUS Pro and SNOWPLUS Lite are cross-compatible with all 21 SNOWPLUS pod flavors, which utilize quadruple seal technology to ensure minimal leakage during use and transit.

The launch of SNOWPLUS Lite and SNOWPLUS Pro follows the release of the first generation SNOWPLUS vaporizer. This rapid product development is a testament to the company's dedication to responsible innovation aimed at providing adult smokers a better alternative to combustible cigarettes while helping them quit smoking.

SNOWPLUS Pro retails at an MSRP of $39.99 USD, while SNOWPLUS Lite retails at an MSRP of $14.99 USD. Both products can be purchased on the official SNOWPLUS website,

About SNOWPLUS                                                                                                                

Founded in April 2019, SNOWPLUS is an established leader in China's vaporizer industry, and the fastest growing vape company worldwide with $40 million USD in Series A funding from world-renowned investors like Sequoia Capital and Matrix Partners. SNOWPLUS is dedicated to their mission of providing better alternatives to combustible cigarettes for adults and revolutionizing vape culture. Moving forward, the brand is positioned to lead responsible innovation in the field of vaporizer technology with its global vision.

SNOWPLUS takes every effort to ensure all products strictly adhere to international standards. SNOWPLUS products have passed numerous rigorous, third-party safety tests and are developed in compliance with global product safety standards. These include China's QB/T 1506-2012 tobacco flavoring standards, the FDA's 21 CFR 175.300 E and PMA regulations, as well as the CE and RoHS safety certification standards established by the European Union.

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