GeneMatrix Cooperates With Tianlong to Expand Global Market

Published : Friday, February 7, 2020, 6:02 pm
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 On 7th, GeneMatric (CEO Kim Soo-ok), a Korean biotechnology company specialized in multiplex molecular diagnostics, announced that it signed a strategic business cooperation agreement with Tianlong (CEO Ming Li) in China to enter the global market.

Tianlong is a medical device company established in 1997 and mainly produces molecular diagnostic medical devices such as real-time PCR devices and automated nucleic acid extractors. It has a China Center for Disease Control and Prevention and a network of hundreds of medical institutions. It also has its inspection center (ICL).

GeneMatrix has various technological competitiveness, including bioinformatics and software development, as well as C-TagTM technology, which is the source of simultaneous multi-analysis technology. The company's flagship product pipelines are "NeoPlex," including ▲ sexual infection testing product ▲ respiratory infection testing product and ▲ digestive infection testing product, and "OmniPlex," including cervical cancer testing product and currently under continuous development. GeneMatrix continues to expand its product lineup and strengthen its competitiveness in the global market.


With this agreement, GeneMatrix and Tianlong will conduct joint R&D to enter the global market of molecular diagnostic medical devices and will cooperate comprehensively in business development areas such as production and marketing.

GeneMatrix stated, "This business cooperation will be a good example that creates a new market value of our products by combining our molecular diagnostic technology with Tianlong's medical device automation technology and market network. We expect that the cooperation will speed up the entry into the global market of the rapidly growing molecular diagnostics market due to various factors such as the aging population and the emergence of new viruses."

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