Universal Robots CTO, Esben Østergaard Visiting Korea Commemoration Press Conference

Published : Thursday, October 13, 2016, 9:31 pm
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For commemorating CTO Esben Østergaard’s participation at the keynote of Robot World 2016 that was held on October 12, Universal Robots opened press conference at Grand InterContinental Hotel Seoul on October 13.

At the keynote of Robot World 2016, Esben Østergaard defined, “Collaborative robots are assistants that bring much greater synergy effects by working with humans, rather than the threats that take humans’ jobs away.” He showed positive thoughts about change of our lives and jobs that collaborative robots will bring by saying, “By collaborative robots working dangerous or monotonous repeated works instead of humans, the original workers would take charge of more creative work. As a result, the improvement of production and effective task arrangement become possible.”

▲ As the industrial robots are deeply involved in automobile and electronic industry, Korea is globally primacy market.

At the press conference, Esben Østergaard presented Universal Robots’ outstanding safety system and high technology, and introduced about its recently released ‘Universal Robots+’.

He commented, “Universal Robots’ collaborative robots are certified from TÜV SÜD for applications in cleanroom environments.” And, “With this as a momentum, it is now able to inform Universal Robots’ user-friendly collaborative robots with reasonable price to various fields of industries, which include cleanroom environments such as laboratory, medicine and pharmacy field, food business, or semiconductor industry.”

In compliance with the industrial norm ISO 14644-1, Universal Robots’ UR3, UR5 and UR10 are now authorized for the use in cleanroom environments of the cleanroom class ISO 5. Also, the controller box has received authorization for cleanroom ISO 6.

On the official website, Universal Robots recently opened UR Academy which includes both Universal Robots+ and free e-learning module. Universal Robots+ is an online showroom that introduces End-effectors, which is developed for external developers to be optimized to the collaborative robots and perfectly operate them, software, peripherals and accessories, and helps Universal Robots’ integrators, distributors and customers use a robot as soon as they install it.

Also, in UR Academy, which offers free basic program training, it is possible to learn the addition of End-effectors, I/O connection for communication with external device and safety area installation.

Meanwhile, Universal Robots newly established its branch in Northeast to keep up with the increasing demand of Asia market. Tsuyoshi Yamane took the position of General Manager of Universal Robots NEA. In Universal Robots NEA, Korean, Japanese, and Taiwan branch are included, and its plan is to communicate with local market, partners and Universal Robots’ customers, at the closer position.

▲ Universal Robots didn’t hide its ambition to be the standard itself in ‘robot arm.’

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