[G-STAR 2016] International Game Exhibition 'G-STAR 2016' Ended with Maximum Result

Published : Monday, November 21, 2016, 9:00 pm
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Hosted by Korea Internet & Digital Entertainment Association (K-iDEA) and co-managed by G-STAR Organizing Committee and Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency, four-day 'G-STAR 2016 (Game Show and Trade All Round 2016)' is ended on November 20th.

With a slogan 'Play to the Next Step,' 'G-STAR 2016,' where total 653 companies from 35 countries participated, was held at the largest scale ever, and it suggested a number of possibilities to predict the future of game industry. This event prepared a variety of themes to enjoy and welcomed visitors at BEXCO Exhibition Center 1, 2, Convention Hall, Auditorium, Multipurpose Hall, and Outdoor Square.

On the first day, the events were held to recall the meaning of 'G-STAR,' everyone becomes one in game.

First, through G-STAR 2016 Scholarship Ceremony, which was held before the opening of the event, scholarship for disabled and multicultural families-related groups were given, and programs such as experiencing G-STAR in advance were progressed. In addition, the partnerships were established to technologically support Korea's games so that they could enjoy high popularity throughout the world. To be specific, Busan Virtual Augmented Reality Convergence Center Business Cooperation Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) Agreement Ceremony was proceeded by HTC, Busan Metropolitan City, and Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency, and business agreement for activation of Busan game industry was concluded between Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIEK) and Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency.

▲ Total 653 companies from 35 countries participated 'G-STAR,' and it was held at the largest scale ever.

▲ Before the opening, scholarships were given to three organizations.

At the main exhibition of 'G-STAR 2016,' BTC hall, the games covering all the platforms like online, mobile, and even console, were presented. At the exhibition booths of famous game companies such as Longtu Korea, Nexon, SIEK, as well as the main sponsor of 'G-STAR 2016' Netmarble Games, the opportunities to experience new and popular games were given, and there was a steady stream of visitors to endless stage event.

Moreover, at 'G-STAR VR Special Corner, co-organized by G-STAR Organizing Committee and SIEK, visitors can experience meeting of videogame and VR through recently released PlayStation VR. Also, an official media partner Twitch presented pleasure by introducing new games for each company as well as holding various types of e-sports.

At the same time, mobile admission tickets used in this year is a system to allow visitors to enter only by checking the barcode at the entrance of the exhibition hall instead of lining up a long line to buy tickets. It greatly reduced waiting time due to purchasing tickets and enhanced the convenience.

The number of visitors to BTC hall was 47,447 on the 18th, 76,946 on the 19th, and 57,359 on the last day, November 20th (at 17:00), starting from 37,515 on the 17th. Total number is estimated as 220,000 (November 20th at 17:00, currently 219,267). This is a 4.6 percent increase over last year (209.617).

BTB hall, located on the first and third floors of BEXCO Exhibition Center 2, attracted a great deal of interest from game industry representatives in Korea and around the world. The number of paid buyers who visited BTB was 1,325 on the first day, 421 on the second day, and 156 on the third day. It is announced that the number of paid buyers recorded total 1,902, which is a 6.8 percent increase over last year.

In particular, at 'Busan Game Pavilion,' which is organized with 38 game companies in Busan and 'Busan VR Cluster Pavilion,' where four VR content companies participated, it is possible to meet games on a variety of subjects in one place, as well as the latest games that follow the trends of the game, the existing popular franchise games, overseas cooperation games and VR contents. It has also become a place of particular interest to domestic and foreign game industry representatives who visited for cooperation.

▲ Many users experienced new games at BTC hall.

▲ 'Busan Game Pavilion' and 'Busan VR Cluster Pavilion' showed the power of 'City of Game' Busan Metropolitan City.

Besides, various side events prepared with the exhibitions satisfied the visitors of 'G-STAR'.

First, 'G-Con 2016,' an international conference organized with 11 sessions, attracted 1,651 people, twice the number of last year. In Game Investment Market, which supports investment attraction and publishing opportunities for domestic small and medium game developers, 57 companies participated and got total 126 investment counsels for two days. With 20 companies participating and 1,885 job seekers counseling, Game Companies' Job Fair was able to feel the enthusiasm.

Thus, 'G-STAR 2016,' which has achieved the best results ever, came to an end with presenting pleasure and hope to visitors and the domestic and overseas game industry people. Now, the game industry will improve further with the new games presented at 'G-STAR 2016'. Among the games that attracted attention at G-STAR 2016, seeing what games will be loved by users around the world would be another pleasure of the game industry.

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