MDimune Acquired US Patent for BioDrone Source Technology

Published : Wednesday, March 18, 2020, 1:21 pm
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On March 18th, MDimune, a Korean theranostic company that focuses on researching and developing BioDrone, announced that it received a patent registration decision for BioDrone source technology from United States Patents and Trademark Office.

BioDrone technology possessed by MDimune is a platform technology that produces exosomes of extrusion method and develops them as a treatment for various incurable diseases. The technology is attracting attention as a next-generation drug delivery technology capable of selectively delivering desired drugs to specific lesion tissues.


MDimune, which produces the world's only exosomes of extrusion method with its own technology, has obtained a patent in the US following Korea, China, Japan, and Europe. Therefore, the company now has a competitive edge in the global market for exosome treatment development.

Exosomes are derived from cells and are substances that function in vivo. It is receiving attention as a promising carrier that can deliver drugs to specific cells, thereby reducing side effects and maximizing the effect. However, exosomes secreted during cell culture are not highly productive, and the types of raw cells that can be used are limited.

MDimune's BioDrone source technology overcame these limitations and has the advantage of increasing exosome productivity and utilizing various raw cells by direct extrusion method.

MDimune, which focuses on the development of treatments for incurable diseases such as cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) using BioDrone technology, is planning a full-scale clinical study next year. Recently, the company has begun joint research on anti-cancer drugs with Ildong Pharmaceutical. MDimune is also actively pursuing partnerships with overseas companies to preoccupy the global market.

"With this US patent registration, we will become a company that can give dreams and hopes to patients with incurable diseases through the development of innovative treatments based on the BioDrone platform," said Shingyu Bae, CEO of MDimune.

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