QNAP Adds Support for Zabbix: Turn your NAS into a Centralized Network Management Platform for Multiple Devices

Published : Friday, May 8, 2020, 10:54 am
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QNAP® Systems, Inc. (QNAP), a leading computing, networking and storage solution innovator, has added support for Zabbix, the Enterprise-class Network Monitoring Software. With Zabbix, system integrators and IT professionals can easily use QNAP NAS as Centralized Network Management Platforms to control multiple edge devices in real time. Administrators can also deploy Zabbix on multiple NAS to enable Distributed Network Architecture on medium/large-sized networks or to apply High Availability for enhanced network management efficiency and security.

With SNMP compliance and a Web GUI, Zabbix allows users to monitor network services and the CPU utilization, network usage, memory and storage capacity of all the connected SNMP-compliant servers/devices via the Dashboard and Analysis Report. If a default error occurs (for example, a network server is down), administrators are promptly notified via email and SMS, ensuring real-time network control and efficient troubleshooting.

“In a traditional enterprise network, using multiple switches, routers, firewalls, and servers from different brands can lead to management and maintenance problems,” said Frank Liao, Product Manager of QNAP. “When using Zabbix, a QNAP NAS can immediately work as a server that monitors all network devices to provide a cost-effective centralized network management solution.”

QNAS NAS and QGD Switches now support installing Zabbix from the Virtualization Station VM Marketplace. Deploying Zabbix on multiple NAS not only offers high performance for medium/large-sized networks, but also adopts High Availability to guarantee uninterrupted monitoring if one of the Zabbix Servers is disconnected. Zabbix will also be available for QuCPE Servers and other QNAP Cloud Service Applications for a more flexible and comprehensive centralized network management solution.

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