Sumitomo Electric Completes the Construction of Japan's Largest Wind Farm "Wind Farm Tsugaru"

Published : Wednesday, June 3, 2020, 11:25 am
ACROFAN=Seunghee Shin | | SNS
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. is pleased to announce that it has completed the construction of the largest wind farm in Japan, "Wind Farm Tsugaru," which was ordered by Kajima Corporation.

Wind Farm Tsugaru, with a total output of 121,600 kW, is the largest onshore wind farm in Japan (as of April 2020), established in Tsugaru City, Aomori Prefecture by Green Power Tsugaru GK, a group company of Green Power Investment Corporation. After about two and a half years of construction, it went into commercial operation on April 1, 2020.

Sumitomo Electric was in charge of the design, manufacturing and installation of electrical equipment, such as underground power transmission and distribution lines and substation equipment, jointly with its group companies, Nissin Electric Co., Ltd. and Sumitomo Densetsu Co., Ltd.

The Sumitomo Electric Group contributed to the optimization of equipment design by selecting the most efficient transmission voltage, determining appropriate equipment specifications through system analysis for addressing high harmonics and overvoltage issues, and conducting in-depth surveys for selecting appropriate routes for underground pipes. In addition, the Group installed a 34-km-long power transmission line, which is unparalleled for an ultra-high voltage (154 kV) transmission line, successfully within the scheduled period by utilizing its extensive technical expertise and construction skills, consequently completing construction in March 2020.

The Sumitomo Electric Group aims to provide total solutions for all electric power processes that link power plants and users, such as power transmission, distribution, reception, transformation and storage, thereby contributing to the introduction of renewable energies and the creation of a smart energy society, both of which are anticipated to accelerate in the future.

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