Asian Contents & Film Market Unveils Plans for 2020 Edition and E-IP Market Selections

Published : Saturday, August 15, 2020, 2:25 pm
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Asian Contents & Film Market Runs as a Combined Virtual and Physical Event

The Asian Contents & Film Market (ACFM), which had its name changed from Asian Film Market in last May, will run as a combined virtual and physical event from October 12th (Mon) to 14th (Wed).

The Film Market, which previously took place at BEXCO, Busan will be held entirely online. ACFM will host an online market booth and screening to sales companies on a web-based platform free of charge. These proactive changes will facilitate easy communication between sales agents and buyers from all over the world. Market participants and buyers can quickly access sales companies’ line-up and online screening.

Entertainment Intellectual Property (E-IP) Market, a trading zone for a variety of original content, will be a combined online and onsite event. The physical component of the E-IP Market will be held at Exhibition Center 2, BEXCO in compliance with proper safety protocols and quarantine guidelines set by central and local governments.

ACFM 2020 online enhancements will effectively spur business meetings for local and international film industry professionals who cannot physically be present due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Further details will be announced on the ACFM website (

E-IP Market Announces 17 Selections from Korea

This year, industry professionals are introduced to E-IP Market projects, which integrated Book To Film and E-IP Pitching, selections of original books and web content, respectively. E-IP Market will present all original IP (books, webcomics, web novels, and stories) selections regardless of category and operate as an integrated event.

Included in the E-IP Market selections are 17 Korean projects of the diverse genre. In particular, the sci-fi and fantasy genre based on unique storylines, comedy and drama highlight lively characters, action themes and noir genre as told through dynamic narrations.

E-IP Market will also present diverse original content by cooperating with the Japanese organization, the Visual Industry Promotion Organization (VIPO), and the Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA). E-IP Market selections from Japan and Taiwan will be announced soon.

E-IP Market selections have resulted in positive achievements by successfully finalizing a number of copyright agreements.

Book To Film 2019 selection Abyss (INDIEPAPER) finalized a copyright contract for film production with RED PETER - the production house of the 2017 and 2020 official selections for the Cannes Film Festival, Train to Busan and Peninsula, respectively.

E-IP Pitching 2019 selection It’s Mine (YJ Comics) made a contract with Studio Dragon, and Goldfish (TOYOU’S DREAM), currently under film co-production by Studio N and C-JeS Entertainment.

E-IP Market is expected to uplift the possibilities of adaptation for diverse content and revitalize the overall content market. It will take place at Exhibition Center 2, BEXCO from October 12th (Mon) to 14th (Wed), and will merge an online business meeting and scheduling platform for local and international industry professionals who cannot physically participate in the market.

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