Porsche Korea Newly Opens ‘Porsche Service Centre Jeju’

Published : Thursday, April 1, 2021, 3:48 pm
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Porsche Korea (Holger Gerrmann, CEO of Porsche Korea Ltd.) announced the opening of a new service centre in Jeju-si, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province. The centre will be operated by Deutsch Auto Co Ltd. (CEO Jaeheung Han) of the Deutsch Motors, an authorized dealer partner of Porsche Korea.

Through the opening of the first Porsche service centre in Jeju, Porsche Korea plans to strengthen the accessibility and service of customers to meet the rising interest and service demand for premium brands in the region.

At 'Porsche Service Centre Jeju' with gross floor area of 100㎡ (30 pyeong), vehicle maintenance for all models is possible, including hybrid models as well as Porsche's first pure electric sports car, the Taycan. In particular, special equipment and separate safety zones are prepared for electric vehicle maintenance, to prepare for the full-fledged era of E-mobility.

The service centre is equipped with a work bay, skilled technicians, as well as state-of-the-art equipment, and can provide service for maximum 4 units per day. Professional technicians from Porsche Centre Gwangju, Suwon, and Changwon will also be available to support on demand.

Moreover, a customer convenience zone is provided for the customers to use during vehicle maintenance. A waiting area is prepared in the customer lounge, where service registrations are available, so that customers can relax while their vehicles are getting repaired.

Holger Gerrmann, CEO of Porsche Korea stated, “We are very happy that with the newly opened Porsche Service Centre Jeju, we can address the wish of the Porsche enthusiasts on Jeju and as part of the Porsche strategy further strengthen our services nationwide.” He added, “Porsche Korea will continue to expand its touch points and invest in the best service for our customers.”

‘Porsche Service Centre Jeju’ is operated between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. on weekdays. Meanwhile, Porsche Korea currently operates a total of 12 Porsche centres, 13 service centres, 3 Porsche approved centres, 1 Porsche showroom, and the Porsche studio in Korea.

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