Alitalia 2017 Spring Fare Briefing Session

Published : Wednesday, April 19, 2017, 8:17 pm
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On April 19th, Alitalia held a 2017 spring fare information session at The Buffet, Gwanghwamun branch and introduced its fare policy and various promotion plans to the travel industry officials. The various policies and plans introduced at the event will be sequentially supplied to Korean customers through the travel industry.

Alitalia, where Etihad Airways has 49% stake and participated as its partner, operates direct flights from Incheon to Rome three times a week. As a member of SkyTeam, it is also operating a codeshare with the Korean Air in case of Rome and Milan route. Recently, it has been keen on rebranding, such as putting shades on logos and updating crew uniforms.

The main route, Incheon-to-Rome direct flight, is being operated by the schedule of departing from Incheon at 13:55 on every Monday, Friday, and Sunday and arriving Rome at 19:00 on the day. Rome-to-Incheon direct flight is being operated by the schedule of departing at 15:00, local time in Rome, on every Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday and arriving at 09:25 on the next day. The type of aircraft is Airbus A330-200, and it welcomes passengers with 3 classes: business, premium economy, and economy.

Alitalia has been focusing on South American routes that satisfy the trends of European airlines. It operates routes to the major cities in South America, such as Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago and Mexico City, in direct flights from Rome, expanding the choice for customers traveling to South America.

Meanwhile, 'Millemiglia' is operated as a mileage program and it is registered through its homepage. The accrual rate is different depending on the booking class, and for SkyTeam airlines, different accrual rates will be applied for each airline. Alitalia Business Connect (ABC) program is operated separately as a commercial mileage program for SMEs. It provides mileage to individuals as well as businesses, so it benefits both business travelers and companies. It could be an opportunity to enjoy award airline ticket and additional benefits in service.

▲ At the briefing, the latest policies on fare system, penalties and advantages have been updated.

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