Climate Board Training - How To Future Proof Your Business

Published : Thursday, May 20, 2021, 9:50 am
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A new initiative aimed at building more climate literate business leaders is being piloted in early June by the Climate Reality Project and the social climate social media organization We Don’t Have Time.

The initiative, which is initially aimed at board members in Europe and USA, could be a regional blueprint for a global effort if the training proves successful.

The decision to launch the scheme, which begins with a pilot course in Swedish and then in English for a total of up to 100 board members, follows recent, in-depth research by New York University’s Stern Center for Sustainable Business.

“It found only 0.2 per cent of board members on Fortune 100 companies had ‘climate expertise’ despite climate change becoming a defining force in the future success or failure of business world-wide,” said Ingmar Rentzhog, the CEO and founder of We Don’t Have Time.

“I witnessed this firsthand during a recent fund-raising drive with some financiers reasonably familiar with the challenges and opportunities of climate action, but still many, many others requiring a great deal more information and deeper understanding about one of the most defining issues of our generation,” he added.

Christina Carlmark, Volunteer Regional Coordinator, Climate Reality Europe – Team Nordics, said: “The training will be based on a customized Al Gore presentation, delivered by myself and Ingmar Rentzhog. Having presented this material to numerous management teams, I know it will be engaging, motivating and inspiring.”

Former US Vice-President Al Gore is the Climate Reality Project Founder, currently hosting climate trainings online to increase the transition to a low-carbon sustainable world.

“Business has a crucial role to play helping governments deliver the Paris Climate Change Agreement and we want to provide board members with the knowledge, the urgency and direction needed to step up ambition and develop the businesses and solutions the world needs in the 21st Century,” said Ingmar Rentzhog.

Part of the training will include how to communicate what a company is doing to address climate change in its day-to-day operations to ensure its claims and aims matches the need for honest, climate and environmental information among a growing, younger generation of climate savvy consumers.

The two courses, which also involve partner Global Utmaning, will kick off on 1 June with a course in Swedish and conclude on the 3 June with the training in English. More courses are likely to be planned in the autumn to meet the anticipated demand by companies and corporate leaders, make sure to join the social network for climate: to get an invite.

Company board members wanting to take part in the ‘Climate Board Training—How to Future Proof Your Business’ can learn about the program and register in advance at

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