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Published : Wednesday, June 9, 2021, 8:35 am
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On World Oceans Day, OmniFoods, a pioneer in plant-based food innovation, announces its latest game-changer: OmniSeafood. Following the worldwide success of its OmniPork series, including OmniPork Mince, OmniPork Strip and OmniPork Luncheon since its debut in 2018, OmniFoods never ceases to innovate and expand its product pipeline to bring revolutionary novelty and excitement to plant-based eating. The new protein line reinforces OmniFoods’ commitment to promote a sustainable ecosystem that treats the planet, animals and us, right.

Unlike poultry, pork and beef, fish comprises countless edible species, each with different textures, tastes and applications. This ground-breaking range of products includes Omni Classic Fillet, Omni Golden Fillet, and Omni Ocean Burger, in original, battered or breaded fish burger varieties, along with OmniTuna and the forthcoming OmniSalmon. It presents a brand-new experience of high-quality plant-based fish with high culinary versatility.

Create Omni Impact from Land to Sea – debuting OmniSeafood

While fish is an essential protein source for 3.3 billion people and provides 17% of the world’s animal protein, plant-based seafood currently is less than 1% of the plant-based protein market in the United States. Following the successful launches of the OmniPork series which has impressed 20 markets and is now widely available in through 40,000 points of sale, OmniFoods excites the global palates with innovative and groundbreaking fish products – Omni Classic Fillet, Omni Golden Fillet, Omni Ocean Burger, OmniTuna and soon-to-be-launched OmniSalmon, acting as perfect alternatives that share the same look and feel with their traditional counterpart.

Crafted with a proprietary blend of plant-based protein from non-GMO soy, pea and rice, Omni Classic Fillet, Omni Golden Fillet and Omni Ocean Burger recreate plant-based versions of different preparations of mild white fishes in plant-based version. Natural and clean, they bring a slightly sweet note just like real fish. Apart from the trio, OmniTuna is the first ambient product of OmniFoods. As a safe alternative to the world’s most widely consumed fish, OmniTuna is mercury-free, in the meantime, mimicking the taste and texture of real tuna. Another revolutionary innovation in the pipeline, OmniSalmon, recreates another best-loved fish worldwide. All certified vegan and Buddhist-friendly, these fish alternatives are also protein sources. They are also free from trans-fat and cholesterol, contain no hormones, artificial colours, MSGs, added antibiotics or preservatives.

OmniSeafood contains omega-3 ALA derived from non-GMO expeller-pressed canola oil, ranging from 302 to 450mg*, an essential fatty acid that the human body cannot make on its own which must be taken through diet. The Adequate Intakes (AIs) of omega-3 ALA for adult males and females is 1.6g and 1.1g respectively. It helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Mr David Yeung, founder and CEO of Green Monday Group and OmniFoods, said, “We cannot tackle climate change without taking care of the ocean. Overfishing and bottom trawling are the most destructive actions that devastate our marine ecosystems. That explains why since the breakthrough launch of OmniPork in 2018, we started setting our focus on seafood. After years of R&D and dedication, we are thrilled to officially unveil this revolutionary OmniSeafood series on this special occasion of World Oceans Day. Plant-based fish and chips, filet-no-fish burger or Sichuan spicy boiled fish all become a reality. This breakthrough guarantees not only to wow our taste buds, but also to awaken our consciousness towards the ocean and the planet. With today’s milestone launch of OmniSeafood, we believe it is a big leap forward to a real sea change.”

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