The company ACCIONA accelerates 9 times its purchasing processes with the Connect project in coalition with Sales Layer

Published : Tuesday, June 15, 2021, 10:24 am
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ACCIONA is a Spanish infrastructure and renewable energy development and management company. It has several highly diversified business units operating in more than 60 countries, with 34,000 employees, €1,734 million in revenues and €950 million in investment.

In collaboration with Sales Layer, they have developed ACCIONA Connect: a platform based on PIM and PunchOuts technology that allows the digitalization and connection of product catalogs in a matter of minutes and without the need for any technical knowledge.

Sales Layer adapts to the needs of the project, even developing new functionalities, and at a cost 6 times lower than other systems in the market.

- The origins of the project ACCIONA Connect

The traditional purchasing process, for a corporation of ACCIONA's complexity, implies an endless amount of unproductive work related with the input and maintenance of supplier information – information which is always incomplete, outdated, or inconsistent.

In 2018 ACCIONA began an internal project inspired by an Anglo-Saxon model used by similar corporations – a project aimed at modernizing its purchasing process through PunchOuts Connected to its eProcurement system. This project had a slow deployment due to the problems inherent to product catalog digitization on the suppliers’ end, as well as the costs of the PunchOut solutions available on the market. Only 20% of suppliers have ecommerce platforms – a prerequisite to the generation of PunchOut gateways, and less than half of that 20% of suppliers have PIM technology, so they experience problems gathering and delivering the information.

At that point, they entered into an agreement with Sales Layer to launch ACCIONA Connect as a complement to their PunchOut strategy. Sales Layer became an ally to ACCIONA that would be constantly evolving, adapting to the needs of the project – even with new features as they became required by the circumstances.

The benefits of ACCIONA Connect: a 9x faster and 6x less expensive system
ACCIONA Connect handles the main difficulties detected and allows for the generation of pre-configured PunchOuts that can be Connected to ACCIONA's eProcurement system in minutes, doing so at a starting cost 6 times lower than other available systems. What s more, Sales Layer provides an Engagement Manager for onboarding and engagement support to ACCIONA Connect suppliers. Through this process, the process of assembling electronic catalogs has been made much easier, and questions and problems have been instantly solved.

According to Alejandro Chocrón, (e)Procurement Planning and Processes Manager at ‎ACCIONA:

“The systems we used before were very slow and unfriendly. Thanks to Sales Layer, we realized that a product catalog could be made in seconds. It’s the technology that any supplier would be looking for: something simple to use and which provided more engaging catalog results.”

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