Nashville Singer-Songwriter-Guitarist Jared James Nichols Releases Official Video for ‘Skin ‘N Bone’

Published : Thursday, June 24, 2021, 4:01 pm
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Nashville-based, singer-songwriter-guitarist JARED JAMES NICHOLS returns today with the official music video for his new single, “SKIN ‘N BONE,” Jared James Nichols - Skin 'n Bone (Official Music Video) - YouTube. The new song is a preview of his forthcoming EP titled SHADOW DANCER which is confirmed for release September 17 on Black Hill Records, HERE. NICHOLS will head back out on the road for a U.S. tour starting August 10 in Iowa City, IA and running through September 2 in Memphis, TN. JARED and his band will also join the KISS KRUISE alongside KISS, Nightranger, Queensrӱche, and more. This fall, the KISS KRUISE will head to Miami, Belize, and Honduras from October 29--November 3.

Armed with one guitar--his battered-and-bruised, heavily-customized Gibson Les Paul, aka “Old Glory” -- a gritty, soul-stirring voice, and an unshakable spirit, JARED JAMES NICHOLS reaffirms the power and glory of good ol’ hot-wired, blues-drenched rock ‘n’ roll. Since the beginning, NICHOLS has carved out his own singular path in the music world and his new songs reveal newfangled sides and a different level of depth to the JJN experience. On “SKIN N’ BONE,” NICHOLS takes an introspective look at what divides us as people, but also, what should unite us. Due to this past year, the timely lyrics and message came first, NICHOLS says. “The idea stems from making sure our eyes our open and coming together instead of breaking apart, and I express it all through this energetic trio. I may not be great at sitting down and having a conversation with you about my feelings, but I can play a song like ‘Skin N’ Bone’ that shows you how I'm feeling and support it with sound and with guitar and with all the bombastic craziness that I put on it.”


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