Strategic Communications Announces Exclusivity with Data Encryption Cyber Security Software Firm, DAtAnchor, Inc.

Published : Sunday, June 27, 2021, 2:28 pm
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Strategic Communications, a cloud services and IT solutions integrator recently signed an exclusivity agreement with cyber security provider DAtAnchor. "We are very excited about our new partnership with DAtAnchor", said Chris Mills, Director of Sales for Strategic Communications. “Adding DAtAnchor’s encryption software, Anchor, is an important evolution of Strategic’s cloud security portfolio available to our customers. Doxware and Ransomware attacks are becoming more prevalent with government agencies and corporations. Anchor’s transparent, yet persistent encryption makes it very easy to safeguard sensitive data from bad actors.”

DAtAnchor: Crypto-Technology for Ransomware and Doxware Protection

Ransomware is used to lock up data and make organizations pay a ransom to regain access. Ransomware has now evolved into something even more dangerous called Doxware. A Doxware attack not only keeps your data from you, but also threatens to publish the most sensitive data on Leak Sites or the Dark Web unless you pay a ransom. “Even then, government and commercial organizations will never really know if their data will be ransomed again after being extorted the first time”, said Jake Cleveland, General Manager at DAtAnchor.

Built on a Zero-Trust framework, DAtAnchor has developed a crypto security technology designed to allow data security to travel with the data, while providing an organization full data governance control and automatic revocation. Should data be used outside of the organization’s governance of use perimeters, the data automatically is rendered un-readable as ciphertext. DAtAnchor also provides geofencing and geolocation for data. This is critical in preventing data loss from cyber criminals who utilize Ransomware and Doxware attack techniques. In addition, DAtAnchor deploys light-weight Data Security Agents or DSAs. The DSA interprets encryption type and any access control authorizations of the data, and can unlock the encryption keys for authorized users. These DSAs have a unique certificate of authenticity – this means data without the correct DSA is unreadable, providing yet another security authentication layer to keep your data safe.

Doxware Ransomware Prevention

“We are ecstatic to be working with Strategic Communications to prevent data from being used against a government agency during a Doxware attack”, said Cleveland. “It is estimated that an organizations will be attacked every 11 seconds costing over $20 billion dollars in 2021. These attacks continue to happen because organizations fail to recognize the risk and the determination of the attackers.”

Recent ransomware attacks on Washington D.C Police, Scripps Healthcare, Health Center Partners of Southern California, and Quanta Computer demonstrate the need for DAtAnchor's unique capabilities. "We are seeing how these kinds of attacks cripple businesses of all sizes and industries", said Mills. "Out of the total number of organizations that paid the ransom, only 8% retrieved all of their data. It goes to show that even paying the criminals will not guarantee the integrity of your digital assets".

DAtAnchor Doxware Security Available on Strategic's Government Contracts

As a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) and Minority Business (MBE), Strategic Communications holds multiple Federal, State and Local government contracts for technology solutions. "We really cover the entire spectrum from a technology and professional services perspective", said Blake Kelly, Cloud Sales Manager for Strategic Communications. "On the Federal side, our contracts with NASA SEWP V, NITAAC CIO-CS, Army ADMC-3 & ITES-SW2 and GSA enables Strategic to design and deploy hundreds of IT systems, AV platforms and Cloud solutions. For State and Local government clients, our NASPO ValuePoint Cloud Solutions contract allows Strategic to provide hundreds of pre-competed cloud and security services to IT departments. With our exclusive agreement with DAtAnchor, now our government clients have a solution to protect them against doxware attacks and other forms of ransomware."

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