Toray Launching TorayvinoTM Super Slim 607V Faucet Mount Water Purifier with Color Digital Display

Published : Wednesday, June 30, 2021, 8:52 pm
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Toray Industries, Inc., announced today that it will launch the Torayvino™ Super Slim 607V faucet-mounted water purifier exclusively in Japan in late June. This model incorporates a color digital display to indicate remaining filter capacity in three backlight color stages before cartridges need replacing. This high-capacity offering contains one cartridge. Pricing will be at retailer discretion. It will be available from mass merchandisers, home centers, appliance stores, and other retailers.

The sleek design makes it easy to see dishes when washing them. The purifier is designed for use with sloped faucets, which have become mainstream in recent years.

Consumers have spent significantly more time at home since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Using tap water more frequently for cooking and drinking has made people more conscious about the safety and taste of that water. The new model is one fruit of Toray’s development of safe and convenient water purifiers under the Torayvino™ brand, which it debuted in 1986.


(1) Color-backlight digital display

The backlight goes on for seven seconds after water filtering starts to indicate the remaining cartridge capacity. The backlight changes from light blue when the remaining capacity is between 600 and 301 liters to dark blue when it drops to 300 liters and pink when it decreases to 50 liters. Digital display colors change as remaining cartridge capacity declines

Note: Backlight goes on for seven seconds. Backlight color changes in stages as remaining cartridge capacity is shown. The display flashes on capacity dropping to zero to show that cartridge replacement is necessary.

(2) Sleek design for easy visibility when washing dishes.

(3) Economical and eco-friendly (Unfiltered spray cuts water consumption by 30% less water than that of conventional Toray model when dynamic water pressure is 0.1 MPa).

(4) Easily replaceable filter cartridge ensures water safety and taste

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