New Plugin updates from BEE give its SaaS Customers a more powerful content creation builder

Published : Thursday, July 1, 2021, 10:34 am
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BEE, a business unit of Growens and premier digital content design platform, has released a set of product updates to its embeddable visual builder for SaaS companies (BEE Plugin) furthering BEE’s mission of content design democratization.
In 2020, BEE released several product updates for the Plugin including:

Landing Page builder: users can build both emails and pages, with the same user experience

Custom add-ons: Development teams can build their own content blocks into the editor

Commenting: Users can provide content block-specific comments

Co-editing: Allows for Google Docs-style real-time collaboration

Advanced permissions: Gives Product teams complete freedom in showing & hiding features and UI elements to different end users

Over the course of 2021, BEE has continued to enhance its Plugin product, most recently releasing updates for:

Mobile Design Mode: which saves lots of time by allowing content design directly in mobile view, a game-changer for mobile-first campaigns.

Improved text editor: which makes it easier and faster to work with text within an email or a page, including when copying & pasting from other apps

In the coming months, BEE will unveil a new digital content type to add to the portfolio that sets the stage for an All-in-One offering of content builders for SaaS.

BEE Plugin is embedded in over 600 SaaS applications who have customer communication and ecommerce as part of their core offerings. While the spectrum is broad, many of these customers fall into the category of email sending platforms, CRM platforms as well as Marketing Automation platforms.

Customers like Iterable, BlueShift,, and have chosen BEE Plugin as their digital content builder because of the ease of integration into their application tech stack and the benefits that come with BEE’s focus on continued feature development. These are features that each customer chooses when to make available to their end user. The features are powerful and speak for themselves, but the value of buying a third party product like Plugin instead of developing one like it is the golden nugget. The logic is clear - you can integrate Plugin under 30 days for a fraction of the time and cost it would take to build in-house, which is roughly 18-24 months and a $1.5-2.5M price tag.

"There were around 4.4 million sessions of our visual builder across hundreds of SaaS applications last month, which is truly exciting," said Massimo, CEO of BEE. "As the need for designing high-conversion, mobile-ready emails and pages grows bigger across industries and across roles within an organization, we are thrilled to help companies not have to worry about that piece of the equation. For example, we have many SaaS applications in the talent acquisition & engagement industry as customers: is email & page design their core? No. Do they need a great tool for that? Yes. So it’s a clear win-win: they can double-down on their core value, and we grow fast by filling a need they would otherwise struggle to address."

BEE leans heavily into its vision to democratize content design through no-code tools that empower users to quickly create content that resonates. BEE Plugin is the conduit that offers its SaaS customers the ability to pass this vision on to their customer base.

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