iCleanse Launches New Customer Engagement Versions of Disinfection Station for Mobile Phones

Published : Friday, July 30, 2021, 12:40 pm
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iCleanse (formerly ReadyDock), the leader in chemical-free UV-C disinfection technology for over ten years, announced today three new customer engagement versions of the patented Swift UV rapid disinfection station for smartphones: Stand, Wall-Mount, and Table-Top. Businesses place the innovative Swift UV disinfection stations anywhere needed to showcase digital video or still image content in tandem with fast and effective smartphone disinfection, keeping their employees and customer safer from infection. While users wait just 15 seconds for Swift UV to kill 99.99%* of pathogens (including coronavirus, the common cold, and influenza) on their smartphones, businesses will continuously display educational, branding, or advertising video or still image content with or without sound on high resolution 10-inch LCD display screens (with a future option for 14-inch screens) to a uniquely engaged audience.

- Swift UV Engages Users as it Disinfects Their Smartphones

Swift UV is the latest chemical-free UV-C disinfection device from iCleanse under the new leadership of CEO Chris Allen. Announced in March 2021, Swift UV disinfects smartphones in hospitals, retail stores, corporations, sports venues, restaurants, airports, and more. Since the March announcement, iCleanse has received valuable feedback from partners, customers, and stakeholders, prompting the addition of the new 10-inch LCD screen versions with the ability for businesses to display their custom digital content.

“There is so much potential with the Swift UV,” iCleanse CEO Chris Allen said. “This unit has the user’s phone for 15 seconds; what better way to capture the attention of your customers?”

The Swift UV is proudly “Made in the USA” and is the only patented solution for business owners looking to keep their employees and customers safe. Equipped with Crystal IS LEDs, Swift UV kills 99.99% of infectious pathogens in just 15 seconds. Swift UV is available for pre-order online at:, shipping in September through and major distributors.

Swift UV Pricing:

Stand Swift UV: $1995
Wall-Mount Swift UV: $1495
Table-Top Swift UV: $1795

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