Netflix Original Movie 'War Machine' Live Conference

Published : Monday, May 22, 2017, 7:03 pm
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On the afternoon of the May 22, CGV Cheongdam Cine City, located in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, hosted a live conference of Netflix original movie "War Machine".

The conference was prepared to listen to the features of "War Machine" directly from the main characters of the film ahead of its release, scheduled for May 26. The leading actor Brad Pitt, director David Michod, producer Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner were interviewed by linking video from Japan.

According to the introduction, 'War Machine', which is also the title of the film, is not a war machine but a huge mechanism that initiates and promotes war. It includes the meaning of a military leader, an interim officer, a terminal soldier, related civilians, and politicians deciding related policies. This film focuses on the process of making war rather than the battle for soldiers, and provides an opportunity to look at the war from another perspective.

In particular, the producers of Plan B Entertainment, who had fallen in love with the book 'The Operators: The Wild and Terrifying Inside Story of America's War in Afghanistan,' written by Michael Hastings, adapted the story of the book, and they created a fictional character, Glen McMahon, at the center to criticize another aspect of the war.

▲ The live conference of Netflix Original Movie "War Machine" was held.

▲ The crews were disappointed that they could not visit Korea.

Dede Gardner, the co-president of Plan B Entertainment introduced, "While reading the original, I was impressed by the fact that Hastings was expressing the story that he actually experienced in a sharp but funny way. This book criticizes why the war in Afghanistan had been taken for 16 years, but it also contains a lot of satirical content. I think I felt interest in these complex elements." He also explained about what he wanted by saying, "The film 'War Machine', based on the contents of the book, was intended to ask questions seriously on the choice of war officials hidden behind the extended war in Afghanistan, which is the intrinsic content."

Director David Michod commented on the production by saying, "I think that there should have been a misunderstanding that "It is possible to win the war with power." on the back of 16 years of war that seemed to be hard to win. The process of looking at this was fun, even if it was somewhat unfamiliar."

Actor Brad Pitt, playing a role of general Glen McMahon, could not hide laughs at the saying that it was a great performance, and he said, “This film deals with the absurdity of war in a comic way. The representative figure, General McMahon, thinks that he is a dignified and wonderful person himself, but it is shown from the beginning of the film that it is illusion. So I thought McMahon is a really funny role for myself."

He also said, "'War Machine' is based on the contents of 'Operators', but rather than showing a certain real person, I tried to play the general McMahon as a fictional character. His jogging scene and the facial expressions are put for the comical elements, but they also show the character’s illusions well. For acting, the person whom I referred to is Sterling Hayden.”

In addition, the crews highly rated the actor Tilda Swinton, who appeared as a German reporter in the middle of the film. David Michod told about an anecdote during shooting by saying, "Tilda Swinton is a character that makes holes in the characters' illusions and tells the story I want to talk about. So, we were very careful when deciding on her wig. Since she said, "Isn't it copying my hair as it is?", so we chose the wig similar to her hair."

Meanwhile, director David Michod answered the question "if the production crews come together again to create a new war movie, what kind of story would you like to make?" by saying, "I want to make a war movie that is concluded with the end of the war so that we all can happily live."

▲ Jeremy Kleiner, Producer of Plan B Entertainment

▲ Director David Michod

▲ Actor Brad Pitt (General Glen McMahon)

▲ Dede Gardner, Co-president of Plan B Entertainment

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