IKEA Korea, reinforcing omni-channel shopping experience and sustainable business

Published : Thursday, August 26, 2021, 12:54 pm
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Home furnishing retailer IKEA Korea announced last year’s major achievements and a new brand campaign, ‘Life at Home Movement (새삶스럽게)’, in celebration of FY22. IKEA Korea declared FY21 as the ‘Leap Year of Sustainability’ and made various efforts to encourage the many to practice sustainable living and contribute to a healthier planet and an inclusive society.

Celebrating the FY 22 Leap Year of Life at Home, IKEA Korea will host a wide range of activities to promote a broader concept of home (my home, our community, our planet) and enable the many to create a happier and more meaningful daily life. In addition, IKEA Korea will provide various home furnishing products and solutions as well as smarter services at even lower prices by strengthening omni-channel solutions at all online and offline touchpoints. IKEA will also continue to invest in sustainability to achieve the IKEA goal for 2030: to become a climate positive business.

IKEA Korea will introduce home furnishing products with great designs, high functionality, high quality, and sustainability at even more affordable prices so that the many can create their own unique and special spaces at home. Smarter and more convenient services will also be launched. Following the new parcel delivery service, which applies different prices (KRW 3,000 / KRW 5,000 / KRW 8,000) by volume and size, ’Neighbourhood Delivery Service’, which is available in nearby areas of an IKEA store at KRW 29,000, will be expanded to additional regions. In particular, to enhance the omni-channel tools and improve accessibility, IKEA Korea will launch a new pickup point service by the end of 2021, which will enable customers to pick up products outside of a IKEA store. Also, the ’Assembly Service' will be offered through a more reasonable cost calculation method, with the aim to lower the burden on customers, and kitchen and bathroom installation services will be provided nationwide as a complete solution in cooperation with various leading companies in the industry.

IKEA will also continue sustainability efforts. The ‘Circular Hub’, a space designed to prolong the life of products and contribute to sustainability, will be expanded to all IKEA stores in Korea. IKEA will also unveil more sustainable foods, like the plant ball that has only 4% of the climate footprint of the classic IKEA meatball. In addition, to actively respond to climate change, IKEA will continue its efforts to improve energy efficiency and invest in renewable energy.

“In FY 21, IKEA Korea recorded KRW 683.6 billion in sales (+3.4 percent YoY), had a total of 70 million visitors, expanded sustainable products to 36% of all products, and achieved 25% EV truck conversion for deliveries,” said Fredrik Johansson, Country Retail Manager at IKEA Korea. “In FY22, for the successful transformation of the omni-channel business, we will introduce an upgraded shopping experience and more affordable IKEA products and services while striving to inspire the many people to live a healthy and sustainable life.”


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