Investis Digital Publishes Critical Cyber Security Guide for C-Suite Leaders to Consider When Planning their Ransomware Attack Prevention Strategies

Published : Friday, September 17, 2021, 10:17 am
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Investis Digital, a leading global digital communications company, announced the release of CyberSecurity and the C-Suite, a new guide that helps senior leaders learn how to take ownership of corporate cybersecurity threats such as ransomware. The report includes actionable advice on how C-level leaders can prepare their companies to fight ransomware attacks, ranging from training employees to choose the right information technology resources required.

The guide includes a series of questions to help businesses evaluate their next steps in fighting cybersecurity threats, including requirements for their hosting and application providers to gauge their preparedness in protecting online corporate assets. The guide also discusses the repercussions suffered by businesses that have been victimized by ransomware attacks.

“Businesses everywhere are under siege. Malicious parties are unleashing havoc seemingly every day by hacking corporate websites—sometimes for ransom and sometimes for no other reason than to damage a company’s reputations”, said David Corchado, Chief Digital Officer. “Making Cyber security a priority is paramount to not only ensure business continuity but also protecting your entire business before it is too late.”

The report also includes a special section devoted to educating chief executive officers on what to look for in a successful chief information security officer (CISO). The recent spike in ransomware attacks has cast a spotlight on his crucial C-suite leader, who is being challenged to take on a more critical role in instilling a culture of cybersecurity awareness and vigilance in the organization. But chief executive officers need to understand how the role of the CISO has changed in order to empower the CISO to step up to the role of “chief guardian.”

This guide could not be timelier as the World Economic Forum's Global Risks Report 2021 states that cyber risks continue to rank as a top global risk. Leveraging this guide will be crucial to elevating cybersecurity as a strategic business issue which only 16% of executives say their organizations are well prepared to deal with.

The report is based on Investis Digital's own experience managing the global cybersecurity needs of clients through Investis Digital's Connect.ID technology and 24/7 service.

Read the full report:

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