Trava.Finance Introduces NFT Renting Marketplace- A World's First Peer-to-Peer Renting in GameFi on Binance Smart Chain

Published : Thursday, October 21, 2021, 2:30 pm
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The collaboration will usher in new solutions for NFTs and enhance users' experience on the marketplace

SINGAPORE, Oct. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Trava.Finance (, a project of Datalink Foundation Pre. Ltd, announced it is diversifying its lending ecosystem by implementing a new non-fungible token (NFT) renting service within the game, to reach the vision to collaborate with GameFi platforms in providing NFTs peer-to-peer rental marketplace.

A never before seen combination of Decentralised Finance (DeFi) and Game Finance (GameFi), the Trava NFT rental service targets users who face the issues of obsolete NFTs and rare NFTs. The service will allow owners to continue generating revenue off idle in-game digital assets through lending.

Borrowers can also temporarily tap on certain NFTs for a set period without investing heavily, without these tokens being for sale or requiring a purchase.

Trava will provide a pool and a peer-to-peer renting marketplace where players can deposit and list their spare NFTs for rent. These NFTs are loaned out for a specified period for other users to use in the game to earn a profit, with said items remaining non-transferable without explicit permission given by the owners.

Making It Possible

$TRAVA will be made tradable between the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and the Fantom platform with blockchain bridging that helps users maximize their profits. Following the public listing on Fantom, users will then be able to enjoy the full experience in three to five days. This also allows Trava's cross-chain lending to be more robust.

"One of TRAVA's visions is to bring GameFI to the masses at the lowest cost through lending/borrow mechanisms. With the provision of NFT rental services, TRAVA will be one of the first lending protocols to help game players earn money without having to spend a large amount of their money on the purchase of in-game NFTs," CEO & co-Founder of Trava.Finance, Dr Minh Nguyen explained.

"The advantage of TRAVA with its lending pools on BSC is obvious compared to other solutions. We hope to expand to the NFT market and bring our solutions to users with our best."

A Step in the Right Direction

Trava continues to expand the market by starting accept NFTs as collaterals in its lending protocol. Even as one of the first marketplaces to provide a renting feature on the BSC platform, the company is not stopping there.

Trava will soon be listed on an additional decentralised exchange, with SpookySwap being next in line. Users will have a new avenue to try out Trava and participate in the open governance process.

About Trava.Finance:

Trava.Finance (or Trava) is the world's first decentralised marketplace for cross-chain lending and offers a flexible mechanism in which users can create and manage their lending pools to start a lending business.

Deployed on the Binance Smart Chain, Trava allows for lending with BSC tokens at initial stages, with cross-chain lending with various tokens on Ethereum and other blockchain networks enabled after. Established in 2018 with an initial 20+ members, the team has gathered outstanding specialists and individuals in blockchain, security, finance, risk management, and law to aid its growth. You can find out more about the team on

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