DHL Global Forwarding Korea Asia-Europe Multimodal Network Construction Announcement Press Conference

Published : Thursday, June 29, 2017, 2:27 pm
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On June 29, DHL Global Forwarding announced that the Asia-Europe multimodal network will be provided in Korea through the press conference at The Plaza Hotel in Jung-gu, Seoul. DHL will offer a rapid and cost-effective multimodal service through land transportation to Europe after marine transportation between Korea and main ports in China.

DHL’s Ocean Freight Service connects major ports in Korea such as Incheon Port and Busan Port with major ports in China such as Shanghai, Taicang and Lianyungang. Cargos arriving at each port are transported through land transportation to main inland hubs of China such as Chengdu, Hefei, Suzhou, and Xi'an. Then, they are transported to Europe via the DHL rail service. In addition, in case of using DHL Flexigateway service, which provides optimized routes for each cargo, has been introduced to minimize lead time and enable cost-effective transportation.

DHL's Asia-Europe multimodal service provides logistic solutions specialized for industries such as automobile, fashion, high technology, wine and liquor manufacturing, and cargo insurance with various options such as import and export clearance and container GPS tracking to minimize the risk of delays and discontinuance of fully loaded and small cargo containers. Moreover, DHL revealed that, as the business demand between Asia-Europe has surged recently, it is continuously expanding Asia-Europe multimodal through the launch of Shenzhen-Minsk route in May 2017.

▲ Charles Kaufmann, CEO of DHL Global Forwarding Northern Asia

Charles Kaufmann, CEO of DHL Global Forwarding Northern Asia, introduced that DHL Global Forwarding is now providing the service to all the major continents from Europe, America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. It has the facilities at about 850 regions over 190 countries around the world. And, it has more than 30,000 logistics specialists. He added that it also handles more than 3.1 million TEU of marine transportation demand and 2.1 million tons of air transportation.

DHL Global Forwarding has introduced its end-to-end transportation management services with expertise in not only air, sea and land, but also project cargo transportation field, and offers optimized transportation solutions for each industry and size. What's more, low fixed asset investment based on transportation brokerage services is a feature of the business. Its position in the market is the first in global air freight service, second in marine cargo, and second place in land transportation in Europe. The company will focus on improving sustainable growth, customer management, superiority of operation, and maximizing profitability, and will carry out IT renewals for performance improvement.

It is introduced that it has offices in Incheon, Busan, Cheonan, Daegu, and Changwon in addition to Seoul, and depending on future market conditions, it may increase the number of offices. Moreover, 'Korean Power Network,' which supports businesses of Korean companies in the global market, will provide Korean employees in key locations around the world to support their businesses and respond quickly to demands related to freight transportation.

In Korea, cargo terminals located in Incheon mainly deal with cargo through air. They are also important in cross docking and third party logistics, handling brokerage, forwarding, and customs clearance. In addition, it is stressed that Incheon is at the position of an important hub in Korea as well as in Asia. In terms of marine transportation, there is a consolidation center located in Busan consisting of three warehouses, and it could be classified as three warehouses depending on purpose and area. In addition to this, it is introduced that DHL provides customer support at home and abroad through customs specialists, insurance plans for freight, speed up work through introduction of electronic document management (EDM), and confirmation of real time cargo progress through mobile timestamp system (ESP).

▲ Song Seok-pyo, CEO of DHL Global Forwarding Korea

Song Seok-pyo, CEO of DHL Global Forwarding Korea, introduced about multimodal service that it is an intermediate solution between two sides with faster lead time than maritime and cheaper fare than air. He also said that it provides regular scheduling, real-time cargo tracking, optimized route selection and backup solutions. At the same time, regarding the environmental impacts such as carbon dioxide emissions, rail transport has higher ecological advantages over air transport, and it also has advantages over sea transport.

He introduced that DHL has a special container and temperature control technology in rail-based transportation services for transportations in extreme cold weather and extreme regions and provides real-time tracking and information on freight location and condition with GPS. Furthermore, through 'Rail Competence Center,' which has about 30 experts in China and Europe, it complies with local regulations for cargo passing and enables freight to be transported on time. At the same time, the 'Flexigateway' service allows freight to utilize the best available route from the start of land transportation from China.

DHL Rail Flexigateway allows transportations by using the DHL Rail sections between China and Europe. It is transported on the nearest available schedule with the optimized route. In this Flexigateway, there are three routes from China to Europe, and two routes, from Europe to China. DHL added that this service is a flexible multi-terminal solution based on optimized transport routes. It has the advantages of being transportable in the appointed time, reducing the risk of congestion and space shortage with a stable space, and providing a solution that fits current market conditions.

▲ The route between China and Europe travels through the closest schedule among three routes.

▲ There are two route from Europe to China.

According to DHL, the service can reduce delivery time by 21 days compared to the existing maritime transports. This enables customers to quickly collect money and secure cash. In addition, it will have the economic effect of minimizing dependence on external capital and reducing the interest cost of the loan. In addition, through the container monitoring using the GPS technology, the position of the cargo and the abnormality can be checked at any time. It also identifies information such as route management, door openness of the container, light or shock detection, temperature and humidity, and provides prompt and clear responses when problems arise.

In addition, DHL offers options such as temperature control containers and insulation to ensure that cargo is not affected by temperature during transport. The thermostatic container maintains a normal temperature of -25°C to 25°C during transport, and the cargo monitoring systems such as remote control, door open alarm and temperature alarm are provided to individual containers. It also provides insulation and installation services for cargoes sensitive to rapid temperature changes and provides a simple installation manual.

DHL's Asia-Europe multimodal service provides specialized logistics solutions for industries such as automobile, fashion, high-tech manufacturing, wine and liquor manufacturing. In the automobile sector, it provides automobile racking and exclusive management services that can be transported to a finished car. In the fashion industry, it provides garment on hanger (G.O.H) container service, warehousing and shipping service. In addition, for high-tech manufacturers, it provides containers for temperature control container services, insulation, prevention of door openings, and security transport for high-value cargo. And for wine and liquor manufacturers, it offers licensing, labeling and dedicated warehouse services, and temperature control containers.

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