NOAH Conference Assembles Historic Line-Up of 300 Impact Entrepreneurs and Investors in Zurich

Published : Thursday, October 28, 2021, 2:36 pm
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After a 2-year break, NOAH Conference, the platform known as the European event to connect capital with startups of all sizes is back with a focus on sustainable tech companies.

The 20th NOAH Conference will take place 6th – 7th of December at the Circle Airport in Zurich. The new conference venue operated by Hyatt Hotels features a 2,800 sqm event space with a spectacular main stage of the highest standard.

Since 2009, NOAH has hosted the fastest-growing European digital companies. The top 100 NOAH speakers grew their valuation 35x from the first time on stage to a value of almost €700 billion today. The NOAH speakers are leaders in their markets and often push regulation and open markets through innovation. It is our objective to bring this expertise and the whole NOAH platform to the relatively poorly structured impact sector. Digital business models can make sustainable companies profitable and investable.

NOAH is a collaboration platform that supports natural global ecosystems by identifying market-leading tech solutions that solve global challenges like the climate crisis, pressure on indigenous peoples and their culture, loss of forests, loss of endangered species, water and energy shortages

The conference concept provides value to various different groups, enabling them to work together to achieve sustainability. Key stakeholders are conservation landowners, NGOs, investors, politicians, scientists, corporates, tech solution providers and indigenous people.

The best tech solution and most needed regulatory or political change will be voted for through on-site opinion polling by speakers and attendees (“the NOAH List”). The conference objectives are to educate, help establish new relationships, as well as raise funds for startups and environmental projects. The NOAH List is published yearly as an urgently needed guide for policy makers and asset owners.

Like the digital economy, the sustainability sector stands for a new beginning and a parallel economy which has a 15-25 year long-term attractive investment growth horizon. NOAH will continue what it does best: finding new attractive markets and its leading entrepreneurs.

80% of NOAH Zurich’s 300 speakers are sustainability tech companies addressing all concerns of the IPCC emission wheel, spanning from industry to industry.

Current confirmed speaker line-up (see details in the attachment enclosed).

Carbon Markets (17)
Conservation (23)
Big Data (18)
ESG (7)
AgriTech (12)
Food and Water (12)
Transportation (12)
Fair Finance (14)
Circular Economy (16)
Construction (5)
Energy (6)
Education (8)
Healthcare (10)
SaaS (21)
Content (8)
Unicorns (21)
Investors (32)

NOAH Zurich will further feature close to 30 European digital unicorns and local Swiss digital and sustainable market leaders.

Registration on
Virtual attendance from €84 and physical attendance from €840
Use code WeDontHaveTime for 15% discount valid until 14th of November

Selected confirmed speakers:

Simonetta Sommaruga, Bundesrätin Environment Switzerland
Sir Ronald Cohen, Global Steering Group for Impact Investment
Steve Jurvetson, Future Ventures, investor Tesla and Space-X
Marc Walder, Ringier
Carsten Koerl, Sportradar
Gilles Despas,
Johannes Reck, Getyourguide
Maximilian Tayenthal, N26
Niklas Östberg, Delivery Hero
Jochen Engert, Flixbus
Klaus Hommels, Lakestar

WeDonthaveTime (“WDHT”), the review platform for climate solutions with a member base of 50,000 climate professionals has partnered with NOAH to provide relevant content and experts to the December event. Nick Nuttall, former Director of Communications and Outreach, Spokesperson for the UN Environment Programme, and CEO and Founder of WDHT Ingmar Rentzhog will conduct live interviews and reports directly from the event.

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