Pioneer Launches Line of Private Label Engine Generators

Published : Friday, August 4, 2017, 10:51 am
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Pioneer Power Solutions, Inc.("Pioneer" or the "Company"), today announced it is launching a comprehensive all-new line of power generation equipment designed for a broad spectrum of market segments, including but not limited to, prime power, standby power, agricultural, oil and gas, mobile, telecommunications and off-road applications. The line is expected to be marketed exclusively in eight states, and otherwise non-exclusively nationally, significantly expanding Pioneer's addressable market for engine generators.

Branded as "Pioneer Critical Power," the complete line of engine generators, ranging from 9 kW to 2 MW of output per generator set, marks the Company's initial foray into offering its own line of power generation equipment. The units are available for order now and first shipments are expected to begin in the third quarter of 2017.

Pioneer has already booked over $1 million in new orders for these new private labeled generators, including one order for four 500 kW Tier 4-Final generators with custom enclosures and automatic transfer switches valued at $850,000, representing the largest single generator order in Pioneer's history.

Pioneer's diesel generator sets range from 9kW to 2,000kW, feature low operating costs for a wide variety of applications that require convenient and reliable power for EPA compliance for standby or prime power. All units come equipped with a two-year standard warranty and state-of-the-art engine and alternator for exceeding any application, along with common controller platforms for ease of use for your application needs.

The Company's natural gas generator sets range from 25kW to 450kW and deliver clean, best-in-class power for standby or prime applications. Both product lines are designed and manufactured to operate in a multitude of environments and meet the most current EPA standards to provide users an efficient and innovative power solution.

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