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Published : Thursday, November 18, 2021, 9:52 pm
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BEIJING, Nov. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- In September 2021, the China Mass Production Car Performance Competition held by AutoCulture (hereinafter referred to as CCPC) came to a close in Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province. Among them, the FAW-Volkswagen Audi A3L, one of the three best models of the German family, has won the first place in the sound insulation and noise reduction subjects with its excellent product performance. It is also in the performance comprehensive competition and the elk test subjects. Both won the championship and successfully won the title of "Triple Crown" in the professional station.

Wonderful competition at professional stations, FAW-Volkswagen Audi A3L interprets true strength

This year's CCPC professional station has set up 9 subjects including straight acceleration, off-road climbing, fixed circle winding pile, rainwater road braking, figure-of-eight winding, elk test, performance comprehensive competition, bump challenge, and sound insulation and noise reduction. Strict competition evaluation to examine the abilities of the participating models in eight aspects: dynamics, economy, control stability, braking safety, comfort, comprehensive practicality, off-road performance, and intelligence.

In the Elk test subjects on the first day of the professional station, FAW-Volkswagen Audi A3L showed strong product strength. Thanks to the low center of gravity MQB platform design, FAW-Volkswagen Audi A3L uses a large amount of high-strength steel and lightweight design on the body, which greatly improves the rigidity of the body and lays a solid foundation for the control performance of the chassis. At the same time, with the front Macpherson + rear multi-link tuned suspension and high-performance tires, the FAW-Volkswagen Audi A3L can achieve more precise pointing, stronger suspension support and better rear wheel cycling. Tracking to deal with difficult points in bends and obstacle avoidance, and can be more flexible in the face of bends and emergency obstacle avoidance. Therefore, the FAW-Volkswagen Audi A3L was able to win the first place in the group with the shortest passing time of 3.817 seconds in the Elk test subjects, and at the same time overwhelming all models to win the championship.

In the sound insulation and noise reduction subjects on the second day of the professional station, FAW-Volkswagen Audi A3L also performed well. Relying on the many years of technical accumulation in NVH performance built by the Audi brand, FAW-Volkswagen Audi A3L has applied a large number of leading-level acoustic package technology to the overall body, coupled with more and thicker front wall sound insulation materials and other sound insulation materials. Even the chassis is covered with thick coatings and aluminum foil protection. It can be said that it can resist the noise from the outside to the greatest extent and improve the quietness of the car. Therefore, in this subject, the lowest level of 51.2dB in the car The decibels surpassed the Honda Civic, which is famous for its comfort, and took the top spot among compact cars.

The most worth mentioning is the performance of FAW-Volkswagen Audi A3L in the final day of the professional station performance comprehensive competition. This is the most challenging subject and the most capable of showing the true performance of the car. There is no tricks at all. Purely competing for car quality, it can be said that which model can win the title in this subject is enough to show its strength. The FAW-Volkswagen Audi A3L is the only car to win the championship. With its powerful dynamic performance and excellent chassis control performance, it finally won the most golden championship medal in 1 minute and 16 seconds in 798 seconds, and won everyone's attention. Appreciation and recognition.

Proficient in power control, why FAW-Volkswagen Audi A3L is so good

In fact, FAW-Volkswagen Audi A3L has more advantages than similar models in many aspects, which is the real reason why it can win the championship in the performance comprehensive competition.

From the perspective of power performance, the FAW-Volkswagen Audi A3L is equipped with a mature 1.4T engine + 7-speed dual-clutch powertrain. The power response is more direct and linear, and the throttle adjustment is more sensitive, which can easily drive its only The 1.3-ton lightweight body can even give people a sense of agility as light as a swallow. In order to further enhance the limit of chassis control, FAW-Volkswagen Audi A3L also thinned the chassis to achieve a lighter unsprung mass, which makes the vehicle better fit the ground on bumpy roads, and the chassis controls naturally. It is more stable, with strong suspension support and excellent steering performance, the limit of chassis control is naturally higher!

In terms of intelligent assisted driving, FAW-Volkswagen Audi A3L also has shining points. The intelligent driving assistance system it is equipped with is not only the adaptive cruise with ultra-wide speed range, but also the safety warning system, collision avoidance assist system and lane departure warning LDW system to avoid driving risks in a predictive way. When it comes to dangerous situations, visual, acoustic and tactile warnings are issued in turn, and full braking is implemented to effectively reduce the probability of accidents. In addition, multi-directional configuration support such as 360-degree video, lane change warning system, emergency brake and parking assist system, enables FAW-Volkswagen Audi A3L to gain insight into potential safety hazards on the road ahead with sensitive warning feedback, making the road of travel more relaxed .

It is worth mentioning that, in order to further cater to the needs and preferences of domestic consumers, FAW-Volkswagen Audi A3L has also extended the wheelbase of 51mm on the basis of the A3 version to improve the overall driving comfort with a wider space. The quality of the car adds a lot of points.

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The FAW-Volkswagen Audi A3L is one of the top-selling models among luxury compact cars, and it is also one of the sales pillars of the Audi family in China. The updated FAW-Volkswagen Audi A3L is more like an extended model tailored for Chinese consumers. It stood out in this competition, once again proving its excellent product strength and its future market performance. More worth looking forward to!

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