Many firsts in the CCPC competition, how strong is the overall strength of FAW-Volkswagen Audi A3L?

Published : Friday, November 19, 2021, 8:38 pm
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BEIJING, Nov. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The 2021 China Mass Production Car Performance Competition (hereinafter referred to as CCPC) professional station, hosted by AutoCulture, came to a successful conclusion in September. Among participants, the FAW-Volkswagen Audi A3L, with its powerful dynamic performance and excellent chassis control performance, beat the group in the Elk test subjects and performance comprehensive competitions, winning two first places in the audience, and also performing in the sound insulation and noise reduction subjects. Excellent, it successfully won the group championship and achieved the brilliant achievement of the Triple Crown. Today, let us analyze together how FAW-Volkswagen Audi A3L made its outstanding performance in this CCPC professional station.

Starting from strength, FAW-Volkswagen Audi A3L interprets outstanding performance

The major projects of the CCPC professional station are all based on actual car use scenarios, aiming to explore the power, handling and comfort of various mass-produced models in all aspects of consumer's daily life that consumers are most concerned about.

In the Elk test subjects, the roll of the FAW-Volkswagen Audi A3L vehicle was restrained very well, the four wheels were always close to the ground, the steering wheel was pointed more accurately, and the excellent tracking of the rear wheel was matched, without fear of rainy road challenges. Really staged a "stable and accurate" sharp turning operation, and finally succeeded in breaking through the level with extremely fast speed and smooth turning and flicking operation, and beat the heroes in 3.817 seconds, winning the first place in the audience.

CCPC China Performance Car Competition Audi A3L Project




Rain road emergency brake


Group 2

Bump challenge

Overflow 200cc

Group 2

Elk Test

3.17 seconds to pass

First in the audience

Linear acceleration (0-

8.41 seconds

Group 2

Sound insulation and noise
reduction competition
(external noise of 80

51.2 dB in the car

Group 1

Off Road Hill Climb Race

6.058 seconds to pass

Group 2

Fixed circle round pile

20.587 seconds to pass

Group 2

Figure-of-eight competition

8.667 seconds to pass

Group 2

Performance competition

Circle speed 1:16.798

First in the audience

In the face of the challenge of the real track, FAW-Volkswagen Audi A3L is also not afraid, and achieves the fastest response in straight acceleration, more accurate control of the angles of entering and exiting corners, and the most stable complex bumpy road sections. In the end, with a proud time of 1 minute 16.798 seconds, he once again won the overall championship of the performance competition.

In the sound insulation and noise reduction subjects, the FAW-Volkswagen Audi A3L successfully won the first place in the compact car category with the lowest in-car performance of 51.2dB, achieving the brilliant achievement of being crowned the triple crown. So, what kind of magic blessing does FAW-Volkswagen Audi A3L have to achieve such a proud result? The following editor will take everyone into the FAW-Volkswagen Audi A3L and uncover the mystery behind it.

Excellent overall performance has become an important reason for the hot sales of FAW-Volkswagen Audi A3L

In general, the high-gloss performance of the FAW-Volkswagen Audi A3L on the CCPC professional station is naturally inseparable from its own powerful comprehensive performance, especially its outstanding performance in terms of power performance and chassis control. Its 1.4T turbocharged engine can not only produce 110kW maximum power and 250N*m peak torque, but also with a 7-speed S-Tronic gearbox with faster and more direct shifting, the power response is faster and the output is more direct, deep stepping The throttle has a strong feeling of pushing back. Moreover, after years of technological precipitation and iteration, this set of power combination not only has higher reliability and fuel economy, but also has better response at low torque and speed increase without the slightest sense of turbo lag. This is also the FAW-Volkswagen Audi A3L can be used in 2021. The key to victory on the CCPC professional site.

The chassis performance control is another major winning weapon for FAW-Volkswagen Audi A3L. Based on the development of the MQB platform with a low center of gravity and a more rigid body design brought by a large amount of high-strength steel, the FAW-Volkswagen Audi A3L has laid a solid foundation for excellent chassis control. At the same time, thanks to the lighter unsprung mass and more hydraulic bushings, the FAW-Volkswagen Audi A3L performs better on the ground, successfully taking into account the comfort and handling of the chassis. Coupled with strong suspension support, better tracking of the rear wheels and excellent grip of high-performance tires, the FAW-Volkswagen Audi A3L has a smaller roll and a more stable posture during sharp turns. The biggest contributor to the victory in the performance competition.

Relying on the technology accumulation of the Audi brand for many years, FAW-Volkswagen Audi A3L uses more advanced acoustic package application technology on the body, with more and thicker all-round sound insulation materials, plus high-quality sound insulation glass, making The FAW-Volkswagen Audi A3L can greatly filter the noise from its own engine and the outside world to ensure a strong quietness in the car. This is one of the best ways to improve comfort for drivers of everyday vehicles.

More than performance, FAW-Volkswagen Audi A3L pays more attention to texture

In fact, the excellent performance on this CCPC professional station only showed the comprehensive performance advantages of FAW-Volkswagen Audi A3L more intuitively. Prior to this, the FAW-Volkswagen Audi A3L had conquered the hearts of many young consumers with its outstanding product strength, and thus became a leader in the luxury brand compact car segment.

In terms of appearance, FAW-Volkswagen Audi A3L adopts integrated honeycomb grille, dynamic waistline, wheel arch shape with quattro characteristics, petal-like rigid-cut wheels and other designs, which all reveal its movement. Fashionable atmosphere; in the interior, the high-definition dual LCD screen design, the same Porsche gearshift lever, the sports car-level design style air-conditioning outlet, RGB interior contour lights and atmosphere lights, etc., create a stylish and sophisticated design. Texture. This is the key to the success of FAW-Volkswagen Audi A3L in the market. In August, it won the sales of 3,819 units, successfully ascending the sales champion of luxury brand compact cars.

In general, FAW-Volkswagen Audi A3L successfully demonstrated its strong product power in the 2021 CCPC professional station! It is believed that with strong power performance, excellent chassis handling performance and excellent interior and exterior design, FAW-Volkswagen Audi A3L will be loved and trusted by more and more consumers, and its future market performance is worth looking forward to.

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