Vacay or staycay? Revolut Singapore gives customers 3% cashback for their next holiday

Published : Tuesday, November 23, 2021, 5:57 pm
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SINGAPORE, Nov. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- From 24 November to 23 December 2021, Revolut Singapore customers will enjoy a 3% cashback on travel-reslated spend, both at home and abroad.

The multi-currency app has seen a steady increase in travel-related spending amongst its 100,000+ customers in Singapore since May. In October 2021, spending on airlines grew over 700% when compared to figures from the same time last year.

Customers will qualify for the cashback when they spend a minimum of S$2,500 in the campaign period and if their spend is either: overseas physical transactions; or with travel-related merchants within Singapore, such as airlines or accommodation booking sites.

For those who still prefer to stay close to home, staycations at hotels also qualify for the 3% cashback.

James Shanahan, CEO of Revolut Singapore, says:
"Many of us are really looking forward to some well-earned time off from work. However, travelling in the post-pandemic world requires a lot more planning and extra costs. I'm sure many of our customers would appreciate every dollar they can save. Besides getting competitive currency exchange rates when they exchange money using the Revolut app, customers can now enjoy additional savings when they pay with their Revolut card."

When overseas, customers are free to spend with any merchant as long as the transaction is made in-person and in-store. 

For transactions made in Singapore, eligible merchants will be qualified using the following Merchant Category Codes (MCC):



Airlines and air carriers

3000 to 3302; 4511

Hotels, resorts, motels

3501 to 3999; 7011

Cruise lines


Travel agencies and tour operators


Cashback for the campaign is capped at S$200 per Revolut account. For more details, be sure to read the promotion's full Terms and Conditions.

To set up a Revolut account, download the app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


Revolut is building the world's first truly global financial superapp to help people get more from their money. In 2015, Revolut launched in the UK, offering money transfer and exchange. Today, 16 million customers around the word use dozens of Revolut's innovative products to make more than 150 million transactions a month.

Across our personal and business accounts, we help customers improve their financial health, give them more control, and connect people seamlessly across the world.       

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