Weekly World News Launches its First NFT Collection on OpenSea Monday, Nov. 29th at High Noon ET

Published : Thursday, November 25, 2021, 1:17 pm
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Weekly World News, the iconic tabloid brand and Bat Boy chronicler, announces that its first NFT collection, “Is Time Dead?” will launch in online, no-reserve auctions Monday, November 29th at noon ET. View NFTs here

The portfolio includes three never-before-seen Weekly World News NFT covers, one NFT featuring all three covers as a set, and for long-term fans, a classic 2003 Bat Boy cover NFT. Winning bidders in the “no reserve” auctions will also receive a physical copy of this year’s limited-edition Weekly World News Greatest Covers print issue autographed by Bat Boy!

The NFT series covers the hotly debated questions of today: “Is Time Dead?,” “Is Satan Dead?” and “Is Reality Dead?”. Rendered in Weekly World News’s unique style, each cover is a 1 of 1 edition and includes other head-turning stories, such as Bill Gates’s upcoming stint on TV’s The Bachelor.

The “Is Time Dead?” cover exposes scientists’ discovery that the space-time continuum is melting and will end timekeeping as we know it; “Is Satan Dead?” reveals the shocking news that—realizing he’s no longer needed—the Devil admits to selling his tattered soul to a blues musician for 30 Bitcoin; while “Is Reality Dead?” tells the tragic story of families ripped apart by loved ones departing for the metaverse.

Other supporting stories tackle issues such as finding lost seed phrases, how to tell if you are an NFT and the vicissitudes of newsmakers Dave Grohl, Elon Musk, Gary Vee, Mark Cuban and more.

For die-hard Weekly World News tabloid fans, the auction will also include a 2003 Bat Boy cover—his NFT debut—detailing the half-human, half-bat’s attempt to evade police in a stolen Mini Cooper in a high-speed chase across three states.

With a 42-year history, 110,000+ stories and over 300 characters, the Weekly World News universe is fertile ground for unique content, distinctive digital collectibles, media & entertainment, consumer products, advertising and promotions—and the fun has only just begun!!

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