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Published : Thursday, December 2, 2021, 7:41 pm
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Staycation in the Oriental Kyoto Ryokan with Snoopy to experience the exquisite Japanese crafts Play “Merry Go Round” & join “Magic Christmas Party” with Snoopy and Friends on festive voyage

This Christmas, Harbour City transforms into a “Christmas Terminal” to greet everyone to embark on a Christmas journey. Snoopy flies from the United States and begins a festive voyage with us from 25 November 2021 to 2 January 2022. We can staycation with Snoopy in the “Oriental Kyoto Ryokan”, play “Merry Go Round” with Snoopy and Friends and join the “Magic Christmas Party” in Snoopy’ s house. Art lovers and Snoopy fans can also appreciate and purchase a series worldwide limited exclusive Japanese art collectables and limited-edition souvenirs. Let’s all experience the artistic and cheerful voyage!

1. Snoopy Kyoto Art Voyage : Experience Japanese Crafts -“Fabric, Paper, Gold, Painting and Ceramic”

Gallery by the Harbour transforms into a classic Oriental Kyoto Ryokan, Snoopy sits on tatami and greets you! Snoopy and friends are given a traditional Kyoto twist, to experience the exquisite Japanese crafts – “Fabric, Paper, Gold, Painting and Ceramic”. The exhibition showcases 50 worldwide limited exclusive Kyo Yuzen dyed Snoopy denim plushies, 50 limited- edition Snoopy Washi Sculptures, Kyo Zogan Inlay Art Collectables, 7 limited-edition 24 karat gold paintings by the Japanese artist - Hisahiro Fukasawa, 5 sets of SIONE Storytelling Pottery by Showko Kawahara (the sixth successive generation of Makuzu porcelain wares), ceramic artworks by Kyoto craftsman - Shinichi Takashima, and numerous exclusive Snoopy souvenirs including postcards, masking tape, enamel pins, mini tote bag and various tableware, etc.

Fabric - Worldwide Limited 50 Exclusive Kyo Yuzen Plushie

Speaking of Japanese traditional crafts, let us not forget the meticulous woven crafts. Kyo Yuzen is a Japan-exclusive dyeing
technique that originated in Kyoto about 300 years ago. Undergoing 26 handcrafting processes, the vibrant colours and patterns are brought to life with vivid detail, making the artwork invaluable. The exhibition features a limited edition of 50 Kyo Yuzen dyed Snoopy denim plush with wagara patterns in 5 colours of navy, purple, green, grey & purple and grey & black. Not only do they embody the spirit of craftsmanship, but also a rich cultural connection to Japan.

Paper – 50 Limited-edition Snoopy Washi Sculptures

The Washi papermaking technique has been around for one thousand years in Japan. It has been designated as an intangible
cultural heritage by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Inspired by the unique texture of Washi paper - soft and thin yet tough -, local artist Ray Wong presents distinct styles of Snoopy Washi Sculptures, done by handcrafted collage works. The sculptures are adorned with harmonious colours, whilst radiating a sense of warmth and comfort and are 100% handmade!

Gold – Kyo Zogan Inlay Art Collections

Throughout the history of Japanese inlay crafts, Kyo Zogan remarkably stands out. Ryuji Nakajima, the third generation of
a family who has been handing down Kyo Zogan, created 2 Snoopy collectables in limited editions. On metal plates made with ottchil sap, the inlaid gold and silver patch in delicate patterns with fine lines thinner than 1mm, such as sakura, momiji and kudzu, are pieced together as Snoopy silhouettes. The shimmering Snoopy decors will lead you to the elegance and glamour of Kyoto!

Painting – 7 Limited-edition Kyoto Style Gold Paints

Paintings by the Japanese artist Hisahiro Fukasawa reinterpret Snoopy and friends in traditional Kyoto aesthetics. A
background finished in 24 karat gold leaf highlights Snoopy in bold colours, painted with acrylic and mineral pigments. The glimmering vibe in his pieces demonstrate how Fukusawa was inspired by the bird-and-flower paintings during the Muromachi Period to the Edo periods. The paintings are best to decorate your home with elegance and class!

Ceramics – Storytelling Pottery & Ceramic

Tea ceremony plays a significant role in Japan’s rich culture, thus, tea ware is of particular importance in the tea drinking
experience. Showko Kawahara is the sixth successive generation in her family which has been renowned for their Makuzu porcelain wares. She launched the brand SIONE on the concept of “Readable Ceramics” in 2009, whose pieces each tell a story, realising her design philosophy of “ichigo ichie”. Specially crafted is the set-of-4 SIONE limited edition Storytelling Pottery Plates. White potteries are adorned with golden pattern and painted with Shiromori, a layering technique, to create detailed texture. Walk through the four seasons of Japan with Snoopy and friends themed ceramics! Besides, more to explore are 2 styles of ceramic artworks proudly presented by Kyoto craftsman, Shinichi Takashima. The ceramics are decorated with icchin ceramic technique to create an uneven look, reminding us of the idea wabi-sabi, a Japanese philosophy of perfect imperfection.

2. Play “Merry Go Round” with Snoopy and Friends Meet & Greet with Snoopy or Charlie

Welcome to Snoopy and Friends’ park! A Snoopy’ s Holiday “Merry Go Round” awaits you in Atrium I of Gateway Arcade, and it is filled with Snoopy characters and Christmas decoration. Charlie Brown, Sally Brown, Linus van Pelt are there to

play with you. Christmas trees are decorated with bones-shaped ornaments, and Snoopy’ s red house is installed with Snoopy lying on top. 10 pieces of 1.2m high Snoopy with ribbons in different colours, and several Christmas trees are installed along the atrium corridor. In addition, you can meet & greet with Snoopy or Charlie Brown from 2pm-5pm on 27 & 28 November (Sat & Sun); and take photo together upon onsite donation of HK$50. All proceeds will be donated to Hong Kong Blood Cancer Foundation.

3. Magic Christmas Party in Snoopy’ s House

Let’s join the Snoopy and friend’s party! A 3.5m high Snoopy house is located in the Atrium of Ocean Terminal, and festive decorations like 2.1m high Christmas tree and 1.4m high snowman have been set up outside the house. Charlie Brown and Lucy van Pelt are ready to welcome you. Inside the house, you can find the distorting mirror, while Snoopy and Woodstock are playing hide-and-seek with us! Besides, all furniture, party balloons, table lamp are upside down, so we can play around in the extraordinary Snoopy world! What’s more, surprising activities will be launched outside the house. Details will be announced in social media channels of Harbour City soon.

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