The Music Video of the Cover Song ‘Timing’ will be released on the 26th of December

Published : Friday, December 24, 2021, 9:58 am
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Klang Ruler’s YouTube channel series titled “MIDNIGHT SESSION”, where Klang Ruler plays songs collaborating with upcoming new artists, has been gathering attention. And their latest cover song has been released.

Klang Ruler covered the hit song ‘Timing’ by Black Biscuits, which was a group created from a Japanese TV show in the 90s. Klang Ruler covered this song in their unique way using a rhythm machine and synthesisers from the 80s. They mixed the trend and the atmosphere of the era and arranged the song in a modern way. All music lovers should listen to this song! And ‘Timing’ has been released for the first time on “MIDNIGHT SESSION” today through various streaming services.

Streaming linkfire for ‘Timing’ :

The music video of ‘Timing’ will be released as a premier release tomorrow, at 00:00 AM on the 26th of December, Sunday! This music video was shot in an ordinary chinese restaurant. This video was focused on the session with other artists as the key theme of their cover song series. And also the movie has created a chaotic asian atmosphere.

URL of the premier release of the music video of ‘Timing’ on YouTube

< comment of yonkey about the music video of ‘Timing’ >

I have always thought about making a cover with this song since this song is well known by generations as a good duet song. About the stereo image, we mixed the low end strongly. And we used a rhythm machine and synthesiser from the 80s and arranged the song to be with the trends right now and also have the unique atmosphere of the 1980s. I would be happy if many people would listen to this song across generations as a modern disco pop song.


Klang Ruler started to release the contents of the “MIDNIGHT SESSION” on their YouTube channel. They have been releasing cover songs with the collaboration of many artists of their generation. It’s been a great hit since their arrangements have both a cutting edge sound with the feeling of old hit songs which gained great popularity.

2019/10/30 ‘RIVER’ feat. KojiKoji
2019/11/10 ‘Kohaku Iro no Machi, Shanghai Gani no Asa’ feat. KojiKoji
2019/12/05 ‘Dounimo Tomaranai’ feat. ATARASHII GAKKO!
2019/12/19 ‘Waratte Yurushite’ feat. ATARASHII GAKKO!
2020/01/15 ‘SPARKLE’ feat. Foods
2020/01/29 ‘Hikouki Gumo’ feat. Foods
2020/02/24 ‘Nagisa Ni Matsuwaru Etcetra’ feat. sooogood!
2020/03/07 ‘OH MY LITTLE GIRL’ feat. Sooogood!
2020/03/30 ‘Akai Sweet Pea’ feat. Mashoe
2020/04/15 ‘Music’ feat. Mashoe
2020/10/26 ‘Rirura Riruha’ feat. 4s4ki
2020/11/01 ‘Yume de Aetara’ feat. 4s4ki
2020/11/20 ‘1984’ feat.POLY
2020/11/27 ‘Seppun -Kiss-’ feat.POLY
2021/07/14 ‘Rouge No Dengon’
2021/07/28 ‘Happy End’
2021/09/15 ‘Passion Fruit’ feat. Moe Sasaki
2021/10/13 ‘Ihojin’ feat. ARU

< Profile of Klang Ruler >

Klang Ruler was formed by yonkey (main vocalist) who is called the the No.1 Generation Z producer and trackmaker as the frontman of the band, and SimiSho (drums) and Kat Takumi (bass). They released songs inviting up and coming artists like AAAMYYY, Ace Hashimoto (formerly Odd Future) and Kana Adachi. And they also produced ATARASHII GAKKO!’s 1st single ‘NAINAINAI’. ATARASHII GAKKO!’ has made their major debut in the USA from the label 88rising.They also produced the artist Sayaka Yamamoto. Klang Ruler has been active mainly through live performances. They started their YouTube channel series “MIDNIGHT SESSION” in 2019. They covered many famous songs with artists from the same generation. Their cutting edge sound with amazing arrangement has gathered great attention and their series of videos have been a great hit. In 2020 they released 4 original songs including their first single ‘iCON’ and ‘Be fin.(feat. sorane). In December 2020 they performed live at “Magnet+” which was organised by themselves at Shibuya WWW. This live made a strong impression to the people that Klang Ruler is becoming the band which will lead the Generation Z. In the summer of 2021, the artist and fashion designer POLY(Vocalist), who already performed at the MIDNIGHT SESSION, and Gyoshi(Guitarist), who has joined as a support guitarist, joined the band officially. In November 2020, They made their major debut with the single ‘Bibbidi-Bobbibi’ featuring Rinne.

< Member >

Vo. yonkey:Centre
Vo. POLY:Bottom left
Dr. SimiSho:Top right
Bs. Kat Takumi:Top left
Gt. Gyoshi:Bottom right

< LINK >

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