Avalue Launches RSC-IMX8M, a 3.5-inch NXP i.MX8M Single Board Computer

Published : Friday, January 7, 2022, 8:57 am
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Avalue Technology Inc. (TAIEX: 3479-TW), a global industrial PC solution provider and an associate member of the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance. Avalue is pleased to release RSC-IMX8M, a brand new low power single board computer (SBC), which is adopted with NXP® i.MX8M processor. The i.MX 8M family of applications processors based on Arm® Cortex®-A53 and Cortex-M4 cores provide industry-leading audio, voice, and video processing for applications that scale from consumer home audio to industrial building automation and mobile computers. Besides, participating products are available for a minimum of 10 years from product launch (15 years from product launch for many products developed for the automotive, telecom, and medical segments). RSC-IMX8M is designed for wide-ranging applications including the Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0, Vending Machine, and Industrial Automation.

RSC-IMX8M is a 3.5-inch single-board computer that supports NXP® i.MX8M Quad ARM Cortex A53 Quad Core Up to 1.5GHz; Cortex-M4 core processor, providing an ultra-low power consumption with the TDP is less than 3.5W. Supports 2GB Onboard LPDDR4 Memory (expandable up to 4GB Max) for industry application, and 1GB Onboard LPDDR4 Memory (expandable up to 4GB Max) for consumer application. RSC-IMX8M is equipped with a wide array of I/O interfaces, including OTG USB 3.0 Type C (Data only), USB 3.0 Type-A, USB 3.0 Pin Header, HDMI, LVDS, and MIPI DSI, giving it high expandability. RSC-IMX8M also supports M.2 Key E Socket (For WIFI/BT), M.2 Key B Socket + SIM Socket (For LTE), Dual GLAN for multi-connection for IoT and AIOT related applications. RSC-IMX8M is providing Board Support Package (BSP) for Android 10 and Yocto Linux v2.5 operating systems to help customers quickly build Android and Linux solutions.

RSC-IMX8M main features:

l NXP® i.MX8M Quad ARM Cortex A53 Quad Core Up to 1.5GHz; Cortex-M4 core processor(Default)

NXP® i.MX8M Dual ARM Cortex A53 Dual Core Up to 1.5GHz; Cortex-M4 core processor (optional)

NXP® i.MX8M QuadLite ARM Cortex A53 Quad Core Up to 1.5GHz; Cortex-M4 core processor (optional)

l 8GB eMMC

l 1GB ~4GB Memory

l Display (HDMI / LVDS / MIPI DSI)

l Dual GLAN


l OTG USB 3.0 Type C (Data only)
USB 3.0 Type A
USB 3.0 Pin Header

l MIC in/ Line out/ Speaker out/ Hand Phone out

l Watch dog / I2C / MIPI CSI 1/2 function

l M.2 Key E Socket (For WIFI/BT)

l M.2 Key B Socket + SIM Socket (For LTE)

l DC IN 12~24V

l Industry Operating temperature:-40~85 Degree (Default)
Consumer Operating temperature:0~85 Degree

l OS Support Linux Yocto 2.5 (First) & Android 10 (coming soon)

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